Harmoni One Hotel Batam

A luxuriously majestic stay awaits at Harmoni One Hotel right in nearby Batam. Boasting a refreshing environment and strategic location, the hotel provides guests with easy access to the city's key attractions. Enjoy a splendid affair of both the mind and body, the needs and wants with shopping, massage and delicacies all at your fingertips! ~ source : deal.com.sg

Harmoni One Hotel Batam Review


After our Batam City Tour, we checked-in at Harmoni One Hotel Batam. Whew! I'm so happy we'd finally be able to rest. I was suffering from severe headache and felt a bit nauseous after that tour because of the heat outside. When we entered the second floor lobby, the temperature suddenly dropped! It was really cold (like it's winter)! Grrrrr!!! My headache actually got worse.  It was so bad that I had to come face to face with the Mr. toilet bowl to ease thyself. Uuuggh!!


From here, I'll be taking you to a quick photo tour inside Harmoni One Hotel Batam.

Harmoni One Hotel Batam Review

Upon arrival, the hotel served us sour soup refreshments. It was surprisingly good and refreshing. No, not sour at all. You might want to check out my outfit post : Knitted Top x Denim Shorts.


On our way to our room, the largest-guest-room-lobby-we've-ever-seen-so-far greeted us. We really felt it's a waste of hotel space.

Harmoni One Hotel Batam Review


Unfortunately our deal.com.sg voucher only included a twin bedroom sharing (sad face). But, there's a room upgrade to a deluxe room costing $20 SGD if you want. But we didn't bother to do it since we only get to stay here for a night.

(Note: Optional Charges (payable to merchant): Infant (below 2 years old) - $19 per pax)

Harmoni One Hotel Batam Review

Part of the room amenities are the following:

  • body soap and gel
  • conditioning shampoo
  • 2 toothbrush
  • cotton buds (!-tips)
  • shower cap, face and body towels
  • 2 bottled water
  • 2 canned drinks
  • a small pack of peanuts
  • and 2 pairs of room slippers.

The room is well maintained and decent enough. I was informed that this was a 4-Star Hotel but I thought otherwise. I thought it's a 3 star hotel.


Harmoni One Hotel Batam Review

We had our dinner at Bamboe Cafe and Restaurant located at the hotel lobby ground floor. The food is good and affordable, but we we're the only ones dining here. Hmm.. I wonder why? Could it be because it's already late? Anyway, we spent Rp 228,690 for dinner with 10% service charge and 10% tax. Remember it's 1 SGD = 10,000 IDR. Affordable right?


Harmoni One Hotel Batam Review

Our voucher comes with a free breakfast at the hotel. It was a buffet style breakfast. We really thought that only a handful of people checked-in at the hotel but we we're surprised to see the dining hall packed.  You might want to check out my 2nd day outfit post : Black Short Sleeve Top x Vertical Striped-Skirt.


Harmoni One Hotel Batam Review

The swimming pool was a sight to behold. Unfortunately, we didn't dive in because I'm still recovering from that headache last night.


The hotel offers free shuttle service to the following areas (seen in the photo below. So if you're bored at the hotel you can actually go out.

Harmoni One Hotel Batam Review

Unfortunately, there's no morning schedule.


Overall, Harmoni One Hotel Batam is a good hotel as it is affordable, clean and lovely. However I would love to see more activities in the hotel as I find the lobby a bit lifeless.