Review: Etude House VIP Girl Dear Darling Lipstick

I'm thankful that the area where I worked has many stalls that sell bargains. And take note it changes every week so I get to check lots of bargain variations but my pocket seems to contests to it. Hahaha!

Anyway, I'm going to share with you an item I bought on a bargain when Etude House set up a stall on Raffles Exchange. It's a lipstick called Etude House VIP Girl Dear Darling Lips in PK009. I love Etude House stores because of its girly design which would totally catch a girl's attention.

Etude House VIP Girl Dear Darling Lipstick Product Review

Product Review

VIP Girl Dear Darling lipstick is very creamy with a full-color payoff. The finish has a bit gloss to it. So it's okay to snob your lip gloss for a while, yeah? It has a slick feel to it too which is why it doesn't last long.

Etude House VIP Girl Dear Darling Lipstick Product Review

Bottom left from the photo above is a swatch of VIP Girl's PK009.

  • Very pigmented.
  • Applies easily.
  • Lovely packaging. I love the pink girly-girly packaging it has.
  • Has a bit of gloss to it. No need to apply lip gloss on it.
  • Affordable. If I could remember it right I bought it around $5-10 SGD.
  • Fruity scent.
  • No odd taste.
  • Opaque.

  • Makes lips flaky. It's important to do a lip scrub so that it won't be very obvious.
  • Doesn't last long. It only takes 1-2 hours. But after an hour it's boldness and richness starts to fade off.
  • Doesn't apply evenly.
  • I find this drying even though it applies smoothly.

How It Looks On

This color strongly reminds me of barbie's lipstick, would you agree with me?

Etude House VIP Girl Dear Darling Lipstick Product Review

In Conclusion

I'm not really a fan of bold lipsticks but I personally think it's good to keep a few colors in my collection. To be honest, I personally don't like this lipstick. I don't like that it flakes the skin of my lips and that it doesn't apply evenly. I won't be buying this again. Sorry, it's thumbs down for me.

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