Colours at Fort Canning Park

Last weekend me and husband had a great time at Fort Canning Park. It was a lovely and peaceful place to spend the weekend. This park is one of Singapore's most significant historical landmarks. There are lots of walking trails and unusual plants around the area. There's also an underground complex in the area used during the Second World War. You might check that out if your into history. The park is a 5 - 10 minutes walk from City Hall MRT depending on your pace.

Find the bird's nest.

Say hello to our new found friend.

After having a great time at the park we pass by Clark Quay. This place is also a history riverside quay in Singapore. During colonial era this place was the commercial center where barge lighters would transport good upstream to warehouses at Clark Quay. At present it was converted to a riverside festival village dedicated to good times, combining dining, shopping and a heritage inspired Disney-style adventure ride.


Mango Blazer
myCK Department High Waist Shorts
Flaunt It Purple Top
Giovanna Purple Flats
Necklace from my Palawan trip
Earrings from Mactan International Airport