Soap and Glory : In the Bag

I'm really fond of checking out beauty products especially at Sephora where there are many varieties and products to chose from. It can be very tempting to buy especially when they are on sale. When I came to visit Sephora last thursday I saw this cute cosmetic bag with Soap and Glory products inside. I couldn't resist because itt was on sale. The product is called Soap and Glory : In the Bag sold for $55 SGD instead of $88 SGD. The other one is Soap and Glory : The Yule Monty which is on sale for $88 SGD instead of $148 SGD. The Yule Monty has a different bag design and has more Soap and Glory product contents compared to the former.

The top handle.

One of the reasons why I chose Soap and Glory : In the Bag is that I like the design of the cosmetic bag compared to the Soap and Glory : The Yule Monty. The zipper of the Soap and Glory : In the bag is located at the side and it has a silver feet at the bottom.

I love how they designed the bag especially the pink color inside once you open it. It's  so girly. And it comes with a side pocket too. This bag is perfect for storing up your makeup and cosmetic products especially when you travel.

The bag comes with the following contents:
  • Soap and Glory butter yourself moisture lotion
  • Soap and Glory foam call body wash
  • Soap and Glory endless glove moisture mask and hand cream
  • Soap and Glory pulp friction body scrub
  •  and a super cute reusable shower cap

To be honest, I've never tried Soap and Glory products before but I would love to know if this product is good or not. If I would give my first impressions on the product I would say I love the packaging and the scent. It smells yummy. I'm excited to try these Soap and Glory products.

I'm so happy with my purchase. It was a good bargain and I'm super in love with the cosmetic bag. Hopefully I will have a good experience using their products. How about you? Have you tried using Soap and Glory products before? Let me know.

Check out the Soap and Glory : In the Bag from here and if you're curios to know what's inside the Soap and Glory : The Yule Monty then check it out here.

Special thanks to my beloved husband Gideon for buying me this wonderful gift for my birthday. Love you dear.