Favorite Food Places We Keep Coming Back To In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Admit it, you've probably never heard of Ottawa, Ontario. That's understandable. I was even surprised to learn it was the capital city of Canada. lol. I thought the parliament is located in Toronto or somewhere in Vancouver. The city is the fourth-largest metropolitan area in all of Canada with a population of around 1 million and growing.

But despite its smaller size as compared to the other cities mentioned, the food scene is diverse. From Middle-Eastern, Asian, or Western, no one is going to miss their home country's comfort food because there's a restaurant to be found in the city.

Since our move in 2019, I'm keen to try the restaurants that salivate our taste buds. Below I've compiled the favorite food places we keep coming back to in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Favorite Food Places We Keep Coming Back To In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Favorite Food Places We Keep Coming Back To In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


  • Boston Pizza - Although the restaurant's name has pizza, we don't often come because of that. We love their pasta in all cooking styles, unlimited drinks, chicken wings, and friendly attendants
  • St. Louis Bar & Grill - Favorites: chicken wings, calamari. And they're open until 12am.
  • Jack Astor's Bar & Grill  - Favorite: chipotle steak
  • Lone Star Texas Grill - Favorite: free unlimited chips & salsa
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill - This fast-casual restaurant reminds us of our time back when we were still living in Austin, Texas, USA. Make sure to add pulled pork to your salads, taco, or burritos. They're my favorite.
  • The Captain's Boil - Born and raised on the island of Cebu, Philippines, I love seafood. And this chain is the best in all of Ottawa. I have friends who avoid spicy eats, but who could resist juicy seafood in spicy buttery sauce? Of course, you can customize the spiciness level to your liking or choose to skip it. The eating experience can be messy but it's worth it.
  • Mary Brown's Chicken & Tater's - Best fried chicken in Canada
  • Dal Moro's Fresh Pasta To Go - Love how generous they are with their sauce.
  • Juluca's Italian Restaurant - There was a point in time we had to stay away from this place because we come almost every week. lol. They have the best pizza and chicken wings in town.
  • Little Caesar's Pizza  - Best for late-night to-go meals. Favorite: chicken wings
  • Costco - Best budget food. Love the hotdog and chicken wings.


  • Authentic Vietnamese Pho
  • Sansotei Ramen - Best ramen in town.
  • Gyubee Japanese Grill - Yay for eat-all-your-can Japanese BBQ in downtown Ottawa
  • Mezbaan Restaurant (Afghan Cuisine) - I keep telling myself to slow down when chomping on their rice. It is mixed with a variety of seasonings. Food is so good my mouth waters as I type.
  • Ayini Restaurant (Indian & South Asian Cuisine) - Favorites: chicken biryani, fish bun for snacks
  • 1000 Sushi Islands - Favorites: sashimi, mango salad, salmon neck. You can either do ala-carte or eat-all-you-can.
  • 168 Sushi Japanese Buffet
  • Shanghai 360 (Chinese food) - This is located at the Bayshore Shopping Centre food court
  • T&T supermarket food court for to-go Chinese food.
  • Mandarin Restaurant  - Make room for a buffet


  • Tim Horton's - Canadian favorite: Timbits.
  • Second Cup - Place to chill, great ambiance, and brunch
  • Coco Fresh Tea & Juice
  • Y-Not Go for Tea
  • Meet Fesh (Taiwanese Desserts) - This can be a little expensive for 1 since their portioning is meant for sharing. Try their signature icy grass jelly. For me, this dessert brings back memories of our time living in Singapore.


Of course, I will always gravitate toward the taste of my home country's cooking.
  • Grab n' eat by H&B
  • Banaue Sari-Sari Store
  • Divisoria Market

Special Mention

Here I've also listed our Food places an hour or two drive away from Ottawa, Ontario.
  • Kinton Ramen in Montreal, Quebec
  • The Goose and Gridiron in Merrickville, Ontario. Favorites: pasta and chicken wings.
  • Kothu Labs in Perth, Ontario. It's a Sri Lankan cuisine. Their must-try is the kothu rice, curry, and sorbet.

Here's a photo from our last visit to Perth, Ontario.

Favorite Food Places We Keep Coming Back To In Ottawa, Ontario, Canada