Summer Camping Experience In Ontario, Canada

Summer Camping Experience In Ontario, Canada

A colleague at work and a friend of my husband's invited us to go on a camping trip that weekend. We don't know what to bring or what to do. We look for Youtube videos to get an idea. We bought camping supplies that week and drove 30 minutes away to the Rideau River Provincial Park

We were nervous as it was our first camping trip. Of course, living it is significantly different than watching others do it online. Thankfully, the site is near our place. If anything happens, we could pack up and go home anytime.

It was pretty dark a the park at night. Laying on the ground, only separated by the thin fabric of our tent -- of course, we have sleeping bags and a sleeping pad in between too -- we couldn't sleep. Our spot is next to the road. We could hear cars and the footsteps of people going to the washrooms. It's so bad that my husband keeps talking in his sleep. Like once or twice per hour. lol

Nonetheless, it was super fun. In fact, it was followed by 3 more camping trips. The next happened with a group of friends at Logos Land Resort & Waterpark. Followed by a glamping trip at Tobermory, Ontario. And the last one is at Bon Echo Provincial Park (first photo above).

Summer Camping Experience In Ontario, Canada

What to Bring?

After our first camping experience, I've come up with a checklist on what to bring for our next trip
  • Tent
  • Night lamp. Flashlights or Headlights.
  • Pillows and a self-inflating sleeping pad.
  • Sleeping bags. We bought those types that keep us warm. But could also bathe us with our own sweats on hot summer nights.
  • Clothes for sleeping, swimming, etc.
  • Portable grill. Butane. Thongs. Scissors.
  • Of course, food. Don't forget to bring snacks and juice for the kiddos
  • Cooler with drinks
  • Hot chocolate or tea. While gathering around the fire at night, we like to have a cup of hot drinks on the side. And yes, it's perfect for breakfast too.
  • Folding chairs.
  • Utensils for eating
  • Collapsible pot for soups and hot water.
  • Powerbank
  • Sun protection and bug spray.
  • Portable water bag for washing.
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Towels and toiletries
  • Trash bags
  • Paper towels
  • Camping tablecloth
  • Water

Nice to have
  • Inflatable paddle board

More photo diaries of where we've pitched our tents

At Logos Land Resort & Waterpark

Summer Camping Experience In Ontario, Canada

The photo on the right below is a view from our camping spot.

Summer Camping Experience In Ontario, Canada
Summer Camping Experience In Ontario, Canada

To keep our son's feet clean and dry throughout the day, I put on boots.

At Tobermory, Ontario

We didn't set up a tent in Tobermory. We rented a glamping pod instead. We still bought all the things listed above except for the first item on the list above. By the way, if you're curious about what glamping looks like, see it here.

At Bon Echo Provincial Park

Summer Camping Experience In Ontario, Canada

To end wrap up our summer camping this year, we dined at a Sri Lankan restaurant in Perth, Ontario named Kothu Labs. It's a must-try.

Here's a photo of downtown Perth.

Summer Camping Experience In Ontario, Canada

If you ask me, I'd like to try fall camping too. Although, not in a tent. We'd rent a cabin instead.