Review: Neutrogena Deep Moisture Hydration Totale Night Cream

Deep moisture for dry winters. The perfect marketing ad to catch someone's attention, like myself, looking for extra hydration in the cold season. It's a no-brainer I pick this up from the Walmart beauty rack when my previous moisturizer was used up.

Well... it's from Neutrogena -- a brand I trust -- and the price is practical. But did it live up to expectations? Scroll down to find out.

Neutrogena Deep Moisture Hydration Totale Night Cream product review

Last year, before we move into our current rental, the temperature inside our previous apartment unit seem to parallel the outside. Well, it was an old unit. To aid me with winter skin dryness, I added a face oil as an add-on to my skincare routine.

Eventually, I get lazy with too many steps. (lol) It could be due to the demands of my life being a work-from-home mom, housewife, and whatever I'm into. In fact, since the lockdowns, I also no longer do day and night skincare routines. What for, since we're no longer going out? 

With my abbreviated beauty care routine, I decided to pick up the Neutrogena Deep Moisture Hydration Totale Night Cream. It promises to give me deep moisture in one step.

Product Review

Before I discuss what I think about this product, here's my 2020 winter skincare regimen. Yes, all that changed this year. In the morning, I apply this and go on whatever is on my plate for the day.

Later in the day when it's time to shower, I cleanse my face, apply a toner, facial essence, serum, this moisturizer, and eye cream.

Finally, here's what I thought about this product.

The Neutrogena Deep Moisture Hydration Totale Night Cream has a thick consistency. Well, it does say deep moisture. My issue is, it leaves a white film on my face, especially on the chin area. I had to do extra massages -- obviously, this takes extra minutes of my time  -- so my skin could absorb the product properly.

I don't break out easily, but this does give me new pimple growth daily on the chin area (as mentioned) where the moisturizer sits like film on my face the whole time due to my hurry.

In terms of moisturization, it does work. I prefer using this before going out in the cold. But I don't think I'll pick this up again.

Rating: 3/5

Neutrogena Deep Moisture Hydration Totale Night Cream product review

Will I recommend this product?

Why don't you try and see for yourself? After all, different people have different skin makeup. What doesn't work for me, might work for you. And it's affordable. Your skin might like this as compared to mine. 

Also, it's not for all seasons. It'll be too heavy when applied in the summertime. 

You might like to check out Neutrogena Deep Moisture Hydration Totale Night Cream, click the image link below.

Have you tried this moisturizer? How do you find it? Let me know how your skin reacts in the comment section below.

Stay awesome. ;)