Spring Outfit: Oversized Blazer

The landscape has metamorphosed from drab to bright. Gray to Blue. White to green. Spring has arrived. Finally, I'm shedding my heavy winter coat for the light and jovial colors of the new season.

It has been a while since I published an outfit post. Two years ago, in fact. See here. In retrospect, a lot has happened these past two years. Isn't that true for all?

We relocated to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in  mid-2019 from Austin, Texas, USA.  End of 2019 to early 2020, Covid-19 hit the world. I lost my job in March of that year. August of 2020, we moved to a different rental from Ottawa to Nepean. I invested time and money studying writing for ministry. Then, a job opportunity opened back in November 2020. (I'm in the IT industry.) Finally, I gained weight drinking gallons of hot choco in winter. As a result, I avoid the lens. Haha.

Anyway, I thought of doing a follow-up for that, slim or not.

petite spring outfit ideas

Up until now, I'm still experimenting with my style. It had undergone lots of evolutions. Last time, I go gaga over prints and patterns. (Still does.) But I wanted to move on to a more minimalistic, classic style. Wardrobe I could wear over and over without drawing attention. Yes, not even my husband could tell.

As of current, I steer clear of distinct pieces of clothing. Bright and busy outfits. Apparel with print and patterns. You'd probably ask, What's wrong with that? Wear what you want. 

Here's my issue.

When I wear an item of clothing with a noticeable design, say, from two weeks ago, I don't normally pick it up again until months have passed. Especially if I shared it somewhere on social media. Or when people I met on the regular have seen it. I have this tendency of shoving it in the back of my closet, till I feel it's safe to put it on again.

No wonder I find myself in an endless cycle of buying and thinking I have nothing to wear. Not good for the budget and the environment.

My desire is to change all that. With block, neutral pieces, I eliminate time deciding and worrying. I could grab anything and feel good about it. Like this black sweater from Uniqlo. I had it since 2014. See how I styled it here and here. This is my fall, winter, and spring favorite. In fact, this item of clothing has seen multiple washes. Thus, choose quality fabric before deciding to own it.

petite spring outfit ideas
petite spring outfit ideas
petite spring outfit ideas

Moving on to the oversized blazer...

It's amazing how it transformed my simple outfit into a put-together look. I got this from Zara. Click the image links below for alternative options.

The light beige color is versatile. It allows me to style this oversized blazer in many different ways. In fact, I didn't put a lot of thought into this outfit. I grab varying shades of brown from my closet, put it all together, and see how it looks. I guess it works. (Except maybe for the boots. I should have pick black.)

petite spring outfit ideas
petite spring outfit ideas

Before you go...

Here's a fun fact about this shoot. Our son wanted to be in every photo. We had to apply lots of patience to take these. Haha.

petite spring outfit ideas
petite spring outfit ideas

What I Wore
Zara Oversized Blazer
Zara Houndstooth Print Pants
Louis Vuitton Alma BB
Steve Madden Ankle Boots
Uniqlo Sweater
Gucci Sunglasses