Petite Fall Outfit: Trafaluc

What's this trafaluc thing all about? Well, if you don't already know then we are on the same page the first time I've read it. Trafaluc is a clothing line from Zara which is more geared towards the younger populace and it tends to be trendier than their regular line. So now we've learned something new. Hehehe! 

fall petite outfit
fall petite outfit
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fall petite outfit

Most of Zara's coats overwhelm my petite frame. This funnel coat is not so bad but I still find it quite big for my small frame and a bit heavy too. It doesn't keep me warm so I have to layer a lot of warm clothes inside. The price is in a normal range.

I bought it for $70 SGD at Zara. Can you believe that? Not so bad right? This coat is not on sale so I was surprised that it's very affordable. I'm more of a practical type without compromising style. I'm the type who'd admire someone with good fashion sense even if it's a bargain compared to someone splurging with bad fashion taste.

Zara Black Trafaluc Funnel Coat
Knee High Boots from Robinsons
Black Turtleneck Heattech Long Sleeves from Uniqlo
Knitted Heattech Leggings from Uniqlo