Austin, Texas: A Relocation Story

It has been three months since our relocation to the US from Singapore. We were broke! We only had an air mattress, which can be converted, to a sofa and foldable dining set with four chairs for our furniture.

I was sitting on one of it eating the last loaf of bread on our cupboard. Tears flowed heavily on my eyes. The apartment eviction notice had been slipped on our front door earlier that day; I was afraid we'd live under the bridge. It was winter, the first-ever winter of our lives, and we don't own a car. How did this happen?

Austin, Texas: A Relocation Story Austin, Texas: A Relocation Story Austin, Texas: A Relocation Story

Six months before we relocated, my father-in-law suffered from a stroke. The Philippines had next to none medical coverage so we paid for his medical bills. He was put in the ICU for weeks.

We automatically took the responsibility because my husband is the only working son from his children. Less than a month after our arrival in the US, his father died. We had no regrets. 

We knew about the relocation allowance from the hubby's company but we didn't realize the processing would take long. His salary was also on hold for whatever process the Human Resources Department must accomplish to transfer him to the US payroll. 

We were able to hold out for three months. And there I am sitting on our wobbly dining table with the Bible open asking God for a miracle; our resources have been drained to nil. We had no money, no family, and no friends but God.

That very day, however, a miracle indeed happened. My husband called to inform me that his salary was finally released and the relocation allowance was transferred to his account. Hallelujah!

We got us a decade and a half sedan; it's impossible to go around Texas without a car. To celebrate the occasion we visited the Texas State Capitol in downtown Austin.

Austin, Texas: A Relocation Story Austin, Texas: A Relocation Story

Downtown Austin

The entrance fee is free. Bring only what you need; bags will be checked. At the building's lobby, we were greeted with grandeur. The interior is Italian Renaissance Revival–style. Past presidents and governors lined the walls. 

You can also bring your picnic essentials and spend a lazy afternoon with your friends and family at the State Capitols' well-manicured lawns.

Before dusk, we proceeded to Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge to watch the' nightly flights of resident bats in search of food. Yes, you read that right bats! Austin, Texas boasts of the largest urban bat colony in North America.

Next, we strolled downtown and head to Sixth Street, a historic street and entertainment district, to have a feel of the city's night scene. Austin's official motto is the Live Capital Music of the World.

My husband is not a fan of the camera so you can't find him in the stills; I don't mind being a camera muse. Haha.

Austin, Texas: A Relocation Story

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Are you visiting Austin, Texas in the near future? Don't forget to check out the seat of government of the American state of Texas. The entrance fee is free. If you prefer live music, head to Sixth Street.