Life Update: Moving Back to the US

Lots of things swirling in my mind right now. If you're new to a place -- for us, new again since we live in Austin, Texas before -- and have a child/children, you'd think about safety, school, or in short, settling in.

It can be overwhelming at first but as they say, no one can eat an elephant whole. Break it down into small bite-size pieces and eventually, you'll be able to finish it up.

Our Canada chapter was meant to be short. Maybe less than a year but due to the lockdowns in 2020 - 2021 life took a pause. Of course, not just for our family but for us all.

Now, that part of our lives is close. We are grateful we get to live and experience Canada for 3 years. We've made friends, traveled almost every weekend, and taken risks. 

It's impossible to leave a place and not take something from it with you. If Moab is God's washpot, it's as if Canada has been used as my washpot. 

I suffered from depressing thoughts for 2 years before moving to Ottawa, Ontario. At that point, I'm not nice to be around due to the thick layers of muck and refuse stuck to the walls of my mind. 

Controlling unwanted thoughts requires willpower of which I have none. What helps me overcome it is by meditating on The Word. Renewing the mind daily by replacing the dark and ugly thoughts with the light and life of God's truth. 

When negativity sets in, I have verses ready to supplant it. But that doesn't mean, I don't make mishaps. We're human but there's always grace from above to help in time of need.

Little by little, the filthiness of the flesh and spirit is being washed away by the Word.

Canada was also the place where I re-learn humility, practice patient endurance, and accept that as a believer of Christ, I'm always stretched to be conformed to His image.

Sometimes... when I sit down to write with no subject in particular I'm surprised at what comes out. 

And here we are, we are finally back home to Austin, Texas. Can you believe we drove all the way from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada to Austin, Texas? I'll share our itinerary soon.

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I'm grateful to God for the smooth and safe travel. He goes before us and is our rear guard. And I'm also thankful to my husband's company for the all-expense-paid trip back to the US.

For now, we are living in a hotel but were actively looking to buy a house north of Austin. :)