Why Make Goals?

Have you played The Sims Game? I was fresh from college back in those days and landed a job in IT, playing video games is one of my stress relievers after work.  Social Media isn't as mainstream at that time. Only a few people use it. There's no Tik Tok, Instagram, or whatever popular platform we have today. This means I got more free time in my hands to play games, watch movies or celebrity gossip shows, or dilly-daddy to the nearest mall.

In the Sims World, I get to micro-manage the lives of my characters. I choose who they fall in love with, their careers, friends, down to the furniture purchases for their starter home. Decorating and redecorating a digital house is where I burn most of my time. lol

I had big dreams for my Sims character. (Haha). Live in a big beautiful home. Own premium furniture. And endeavor for the best professions that the make-believe world offers to earn more money. A fat check -- even in a fake world -- means more choices.

In retrospect, it's funny I'm more interested in the welfare of an unreal character than with my own reality.

One day, I overheard a colleague talking about a cheat. Without hesitations, I joined in the conversation and ask, "Can you please share this cheat with me?" They playfully tease me not to give it at first, but my sweet personality won the day. lol (No, I don't think it's because I'm sweet, spicy, or sour. Perhaps, they were pissed off with my persistence.)

That very night, I applied the cheat. The most expensive house and furniture is no longer a far reality. Yet again, I was decorating and redecorating an illusory house and came to work groggy, wishing it's seven o'clock so I could go home and play non-stop. (My working day ends that late because I punch in late in the morning. Those buzzer beaters? I was one of them at work. Haha.)

why make goals?
[Stunning Stupas in Thailand. More here.]

After the hysteria died down, I also lose interest in the game. What's the point? I've already unlocked everything. There's nothing to aim for. That should have been a life lesson right there and then. Sadly, I missed it. For a decade, I waste my days away on nonconsequential things. Yes, it took that long. Thankfully, there's room for change as long as breathe fills our lungs.

Here's the lesson...

Goals bring satisfaction and joy to our lives. It gives us something to aim for. It gives meaning to our time.

Some of us hear a lot about the value of goal-making, have knowledge of its importance, but lack the wisdom to apply it to our lives. Just like my life story a few years back. 

I find it rather interesting that the simplest of things are also the hardest to follow through. How come? Because it requires persistence and consistency, which many of has have in low supply.

Here's the secret...

Start small. Make it super easy to do. Incorporate it into your routine. Once, it becomes automatic break new barriers.


I struggle with my sleep since 2020 when the lockdowns are put in place. Can you believe I wake up at 3-5 o'clock in the afternoon? I wake up with headaches and an ugly attitude because I know waking up that late isn't profitable. Here's a super easy solution. I move my Bible study time and half of my working hours right at noontime.

This motivates me because there are lots of distractions when I study at night. See, I only need a reason to wake up early. Now that it's in place, I'm more eager to follow through. 

Though waking up at noon is still considered late, it's way better than missing the daylight. I haven't been consistent yet, but once it's embedded in my routine I'll move on with a new goal.


Goals bring satisfaction and joy to our lives. Support it with a strong reason so there's motivation to follow through. This helps with persistence and consistency issues.

Well, I hope this has been helpful as it has benefited my life. Have an awesome week then. And happy goal-making!