The Difference Between King and California King Beds: 3 Things to Know

When you think of your bedroom, what comes to mind? You most likely thought of your bed. After all, that is what the entire room is named for and the most used piece of furniture in it.

When you require an upgrade, it can be overwhelming. So many options! If you're looking for the feel you get when you're on vacation (and you don't have to clean the room - hello relaxation), you're looking at a big beautiful king or California king.

What's the difference between a king and a California king? It can be hard to tell with the naked eye, so we've created a cheat sheet of the three most important facts about the size difference between king and California king beds. 

Difference Between King and California King Beds


This one is a given and probably the most obvious difference between king and California king, because, well, different beds are different sizes.

What you don't know, however, is how exactly they are different. The difference between these two beds is unique. They are similar only because they are both king beds, but they are actually each suited to very different needs.

Standard king-sized mattresses measure 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. Califonia king mattresses measure 76 inches wide by 80 inches long.

Basically, if you are tall and need the length, you want to choose the standard king. But if you're looking for surface area and width to spread out, you would probably prefer the California king.

Surface Area

You probably assume that the California king ranks higher when it comes to the surface area because it is regarded as the ultimate luxury of the mattress world. Guess again!

The standard king bed has a surface area of 1,080 square feet, trumping the California king mattress by 32 square feet!

This may not matter to you if you don't need the extra space, or maybe your height needs are more important. Either way, there are certainly perks when considering the size difference between the king and California king.

You also don't want to forget that your mattress must fit in your space. Make sure you correctly measure your room to be sure that you don't make a costly mistake.

Linen Availability

If you're still unsure of which one works for you, this may be your deciding factor. Are you looking for unlimited options and ease of purchase of your everyday essentials - think quilts, sheets? You may want to rethink the California king.

Of course, you can buy linens; they are just harder to find because some companies simply stop at the standard king or stores do not carry them. When you do find options, they may be more basic than you would like.

Don't let that discourage you. They wouldn't offer the mattress if you couldn't get the bedding! If the California king is what works best for you, go for it! You won't have to live with a naked bed. 

Now You Know the Difference Between King and California King

Now that you're an expert on the size difference between king and California king mattresses, say hello to your vacation-like luxurious bedroom.

Use your new-found expertise to determine which size mattress is right for you, then watch your at-home vacation dreams come true!

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