9 Toddler Exercise Must-Haves for Boys

For years I have been motivating my dear husband to share my love of a healthy, strong body. Of working out. Exercise. Even doing 10-minute evening walks around the neighborhood. But no matter how much I try, he wouldn't budge. He had a strong aversion to muscle pain.

That's understandable though since he hadn't tasted the payoff of good exercise, not yet. I'm hoping that one day he will. Though, it's rather unfair since I share his love for food. It was the husband who helped broaden my taste and appreciation for delectable cuisines and delicacies. Geez, I can't be thinking of food now!

Thankfully, my little love, our almost 3-year-old son, loves to work out with mom. I do it mostly at home using Youtube videos. Yes, he imitates the instructor's moves. I kept laughing while doing the routines because he looked so cute performing them.

On good weather, I go outside for a change. Of course, he makes sure to join in the fun. Though, I discouraged him to go because he's slow for my pace, stopping here and there to enjoy whatever mysterious object that caught his eyes.

And when he gets suddenly tired, I had to carry him all the way to get back to our apartment unit. Gosh! That did happen once!

Still, I enjoy his company. When I tell him I'm going out for a walk, he'd rush to the closet asking for his exercise clothes, shoes and rush to grab his water bottle. Too cute! I advise him to go with dad instead and meet me somewhere. Brilliant idea to push his dad out of his sedentary lifestyle! Haha.

Anyway, below are the 9 toddler exercise must-haves for boys, little lots who love to work out with mom. Check them out below.

9 Toddler Exercise Must-Haves for Boys
one  |  A pull-on jogger pants made for play. It is lightweight, cozy with a comfortable fit.

two  |  A fun water bottle for thirsty tots on the move.

three  |  Dri-Fit shorts that wick away perspiration from the body and towards the surface where it can evaporate.

four  |  Relaxed fit graphic print T-shirt that will keep mom motivated to burn excess fat.

five  |  A hat to provide shade from the sun, protecting your little tot's eyes. This has a sweatband that wicks away moisture from his little head.

six  |  It took me a year to realize that the sunscreen we used on our little boy triggers the red itchy rashes on his body. It's hard to tell the cause of the eczema flare-ups sometimes. This sunscreen is safe for children with sensitive skin.

seven  |  This shoes has a cooling antimicrobial sock liner which keeps feet dry and odor-free.

eight  |  These socks have a ribbed cuff for stay-put fit and grip pods at the foot for stability.

nine  |  And lastly, a pullover sweatshirt for cooler days.

What must-have item(s) do you already have in your toddler's exercise gear?

Have fun exercising with your little tot then. Talk to you soon!