5 Ways To Deal with Thoughts of Not Being Good Enough

It was a delightfully cool day; perfect for an early evening walk. I walk past shards of golden light on the pavement and turned around the corner to the main road.

Suddenly, a gust of wind threatened to blow the pink baseball hat sitting on top of my head. While I trudge my way through it, uninvited thoughts swirl through my mind...

Who do you think you are for writing motivational articles when you aren't even a success. You're an impostor!

Exercise? Try harder until you bleed! You will never be as fit and good looking like that influencer you keep stalking on social media!

Can you relate? The criticism might differ in the specifics but it has the same charge: You are not good enough!

If you need help, here are 5 ways that help me deal with thoughts of not being good enough.

5 Ways To Deal with Thoughts of Not Being Good Enough
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1. Acceptance and Forgiveness

I'll share a little about my faith here. My soul used to be weighed down by a burdensome sin-debt problem I couldn't pay. I was condemned day in and day out. I use to hate myself and don't mind if others belittle me. I thought I deserve it all!

This ugly cycle of hate and unworthiness ended after I meet my Savior: the Lord Jesus Christ. Only God could forgive sins and only He could take it all out away (Psalm 103:12). I couldn't help myself out of condemnation, therefore, I choose to acknowledge my need for a Savior rather than let others and myself beat me down.

After the sin-debt issue has been dealt with, I learned to love and accept myself. Oh, and I will still make mistakes, lots of them. But this time, it's so much easier to forgive others and me. Who am I not to when I God already did?

Acknowledge where you are, accept your shortcomings and misgivings, and seek to forgive.

Forgiveness drowns out the voices of accusations.

2. Convince yourself of truth.

The voice of accusation will mix truth with lies. You don't have to be its forever prey.  Silence it with truth.

Here's an example:

Lie: "I can't be a good writer because I have a limited vocabulary. If only I were a native English speaker."

I'd counter it with...

"I used to have a limited vocabulary but I'm learning something new every day (truth) so it has since expanded and will continue to do so. There is always room for improvement."

You can do the same. Reframe lies with your truth until it becomes automatic.

3. Comparison is a Trap

The voice of insecurity will constantly contrast your life to that of someone else's. She's got the looks, the net worth, and the wealthy upbringing while I have none. Perhaps you don't need her looks, her money, or her family to fulfill your destiny?

Change the meaning of the picture you see. Instead of seeing lack, see muses of inspiration. At this point in my life, I don't mind looking at others because they serve as an encouragement for me to keep moving forward.

If they can do it, you can too. Work on yourself. Sharpen your saw.

When your soul prospers, your outward world follows.

Remember, happiness is an inside job. You will never find it outside even if you'll make it to the Forbes' rich list.

4. Refuel your Mind with Words of Life

If you find yourself stuck in the groove of discouragement, get out! Thoughts got you there, thoughts will also get you out from there.

No amount of other people's encouragement including God's will get through if you don't want it. You have to be willing to do this for you.

If your issue escalates to depression, seek help. If you're feeling down or discouraged, refuel your mind with words of life. I'm a Christian so I read the Bible or listen to sermons online. I also devour motivational materials. Where can you find words of healing, encouragement, or materials that uplift your soul?

You might be inspired to read 'How to Satisfy Your Soul Thirst'  here.

Also, exercise clears out mental fogs. The mind is more receptive to fresh ideas and good ways of thinking when you work out; it stimulates chemical changes that enhance learning, mood, and sleep.

5. Persistently forge your way ahead

Never give up! If you fail, don't invite voices of accusation to party with you, forgive yourself over and over and keep moving forward.

I was fascinated to watch a seagull held up by a gust of wind earlier this week. Hovering in place, its wings remained spread out. It was determined to make headway.

If a mere bird would tenaciously forge its way ahead against a strong air current, what's stopping you and me from doing the same?


I don't have to prove anything to anybody. I persuaded myself. I enjoyed writing and working out and that's all that matters. I increased my pace and shoot up Jim Rohn on audible.

Like the wind, we can't stop the voices of accusations from coming but we can learn ways to deal with them.

5 Ways To Deal with Thoughts of Not Being Good Enough

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