Mother's Day Gift Ideas: For Moms Who Love To Read

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Since most places are still under lockdown, what better way to spend the time reading a good book where your mind could travel to worlds unknown, rather than feel constrained by the four corners of your house or apartment.

Isn't this a good time to curl up,  relax, and sharpen your mind? I wasn't a reader until my late 20's. Well, we couldn't afford to buy books growing up and I had no one around me who I could pick up the habit from. Therefore, learning never once occurred to me as important back then.

But all that change when the Lord Jesus came into my life. Let's just say metamorphosis ensued, I became notoriously hungry for knowledge especially for God's deep truths. My husband is also a huge influence; he encouraged me to read. Now, I'm more into it than he does. Haha.

Is your mom a reader? If yes, that's awesome! If not, it's never too late for her, including yourself, to pick up the habit. If I can do it later in life, so can anyone. All one needs is a sofa, chair, and a good book.

But if you want to up the ante especially for the one you want to give honor to this Mother's Day, here's an idea for you. Check it out below.

  Mother's Day Gift Ideas: For Moms Who Love To Read

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wall art  |  This comes in a set of three. The floral design brings a touch of modern and feminine sensibility that surely catches eyes.

floor lamp  |  Timeless and elegant just like mom. Love the dark matte finish on the tripod base which rises up and fades into shiny metallic for a gorgeous ombre effect. Here's an affordable alternative.

chaise  |  Exquisite piece perfect for curling up with a good book like this or this. My absolute favorite from this set.

pillow cover  |  As if mom needs more from all that comfy pillow set included in the chaise. This is optional for texture and style.

girl, stop apologizing by Rachel Hollis  |  A favorite self-help book of 2020! This was released in 2018 but got my copy only this year. A highly recommended read for women of all ages.

girl, wash your face by Rachel Hollis  |  Another favorite from the same author.

side table  |  Love the intricate textures carved from the solid mango wood. Here's a dupe for much less.

area rug  |  An especially hand-knotted rug perfect for high traffic areas. Love the vintage vibe too.

storage cabinet  |  It's actually a storage cabinet mom can turn into a cupboard, display case, or a bookshelf. The glass doors and solid black frame functions beautifully into any space. It's really pretty but on the pricier side. Here's an affordable option; another one here. This one is charming too. ;)

Which item from the list above will you most likely give to mom on Mother's day? Mine will be #6 and/or #7. But if I overflow with cash it'll definitely be #3. I'd love to lounge comfortably in that chaise too. Haha. Your turn!