Home Office Interior Ideas April 2020

Geez, my iMac gave me trouble today! I had my husband fix it before I could write this post. So I thought why not do a Home Office Interior Idea. After all, everyone is working from home these days except for the frontliners. I salute all of them for putting their lives on the line. Thank you!

I've been working from home for four years until I lost my job last March. Nothing new. I've been here before. Thank God, my husband still has his job. Although, his income was also affected by the fast-spreading virus ravaging our world.

Truthfully, I'm a bit down right now. Since the end of last year, we've been anticipating going back home to Austin, Texas but that's off the table at the moment. There's also this possibility that we could lose our home and everything we've worked hard for. Sigh! Nasty things happen. Whether we anticipate it or not, trouble comes. It's a part of life.

Anyway, let's just talk about nice stuff. Times are depressing so let's find for the good that does happen. Like everyone in the family is safe at home, in good health, and we have access to food.

Though things are falling apart, we could still dream and envision the future that lay ahead. For now, join me while I curate an interior design idea for your home office. Check it out below and see which item appeals to your taste.

home office interior design

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accent chest drawer  |  Thinking where to place your office supplies and files? Store them with style in this stunning two-drawer accent chest coated with beautiful mosaics on every surface. It is finished in gray and white that could easily match any interior style.

bookcase  |  Love the pretty gold accents on the shelves. How will you style this in your home office? Will you be displaying decors, books, boxes with office supplies or papers inside, or your designer shoes and handbag collection?

scented candle  |  Scents is always a good idea. What draws me with this one is its attractive glass container which can be reused to hold pens place this on top of piled books or notebooks.

chandelier  |  This elegant lighting has dozens of sparkling, faceted-glass crystals that cascade from antique-bronze-finished rings, embellished with decorative detailing. This one surely upgrades any room.

pillow  |   Since you'll be sitting in the home office all day, make sure to bring comfort to your back. Add a pillow. Oh, and don't forget to take a break from time to time too.

wall art  |  This is actually big at 47" height by 47" width. I've visited a lot of furniture stores selling art in the US and Canada region and I've found the Z Gallerie brand interests those who have a taste for luxury.

desk  |  This office desk comes in other colors. Personally, I prefer white because it looks nice in flat lay photos. Which color do you prefer?

swivel chair  |  Stylish, airy, and light with adjustable seat height. It comes in gray color too. Love.

Which home office item is your favorite from the list above? Me? I love everything! But my top three would be this, this and this. Your turn.