The 3 Habits I'm Cultivating in 2020 And Why You Need One

The fire has been ignited from this post by Abigail of Abigail Writes. I knew I needed one but I couldn't squeeze anything out from my brain cells right there and then. So I let the idea ferment for a while.

Then one sleepless night, kaboom! the thoughts surged. Miracles happen when you couldn't sleep. lol. Though the first month of the year is over, I refuse to accept we're late in the game. We still got 11 months more to go in 2020.

So here's my own version of the 2020 Growth Plan, more like The 3 Habits I'm Cultivating in 2020 And Why You Need One. Scroll down!

The 3 Habits I'm Cultivating in 2020 And Why You Need One
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Habit #1: Keep the Conversations Going

With whom? You ask. Allow me to tell you a little history. A decade ago, I gave my life to Christ. You could say I'm a Christian but I say I have a relationship with Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour. More here.

My walk with Him is like the moon, at times I shine bright on other occasions, it's covered in darkness.

My picture of an ideal family life started to fall apart in 2018. This is the time my son's eczema grew worse, struggles with depression, the strain of becoming a new mom, leaving my profession, and marital disagreements on financial matters.

Therefore, my relationship with Him suffered. I still talk to the Lord okay, but whenever I feel like it. Now, now, before you could hurl those stones at me, I'm candidly opening up my heart here cut me some slack okay?

Fast forward 2020, I lost around $300 CAD in a day due to a process, a system -- the banking system. This time around, I also did a fast for other reasons not related to my faith.

I know fighting for my right is futile. To me, who use to be dirt poor, losing that amount is a huge deal. I couldn't help but get down on my knees...

To my astonishment I heard His voice that day, what He has to say, comforting me, helping me see the situation from a different perspective.

How is it I could hear Him now and not during my pleadings of mercy? The truth is, the Lord is always speaking but we couldn't hear Him clearly because of the many voices vying for our attention.

How have I taken for granted something so vital, a gift He bequeathed to His beloved children.

He is for me and not against me. I'm not guaranteed an easy life here in this world, I will have trouble but He has overcome!

Though some areas remain bleak, though tough times still come, He will be there for you and me, helping us overcome. The valley is not the norm! Yes, you'll only go through the valley and that's a promise! (Psalm 23:4)

If the conversations cease, how can He step in? How can He be a very present help in times of need?

You see the Lord is a gentleman, He will never force His way in hence, keep the conversations going...

Habit #2: Out with the trash-talk!

How many times have you put yourself down, labeled yourself a loser, a failure? Oh, how I wish I have her face, her lifestyle, her height, her wealth. Why was I born into this family? I'm no better! I suck! I'm ugly. I'm poor. The deprecating self-talk is endless...

Oh yes, I confess to doing this many times!

Then one day, while I was bemoaning my misery, an inquiry arrested my judgment,

"Haven't you noticed the enemy of your soul kept your mind occupied with things you don't have?" 

Oh! If that question didn't reach me, I'd still be wallowing in the dust!

How do you fight the pulling down, the self-defeating lies you accept as your own?

How about starting with this question like what's causing me anxiety? Is it from a thought? Something someone said or an image I saw somewhere? Am I interpreting it as me not being good enough? how did my focus change to the absence of something?

You have to learn to ask questions just like these. Examine your thoughts!

Awareness of the things that cause you anxiety is the first step to freedom. I couldn't count the number of times' peace has displaced my otherwise stormy situation due to this.

Take control of your thought-life, arrest ill opinions before they could develop as your own. Switch the channel. Shift your focus to what is good. Affix thought-filters!

I hope it is as easy as it sounds but this thing does take practice. It's like the song you keep on playing on repeat because duh, it's an awesome masterpiece. It's so catchy it got so ingrained into your subconscious mind that long after the music is gone, the song is still blasting on your head till 4am. Geez!

I know how crazy hard it is to switch your focus but continue to persevere taking control of your thought-life until it becomes routine.

Choose life! Out with the trash-talk and seize control of your mind!

Habit #3: Keep it simple

I hate seeing myself fail over and over again. So I try to do things that are super easy to do. The goal is to develop self-confidence by building a record of past successes.

You see, we admire people who keep their commitments, those who are true to their words and deeds. When they say they'll come tomorrow for dinner at five, they will knock on the door 15 minutes early or exactly on the agreed time.

You know you can trust these kinds of people. You know you can rely on their word. When they yes, it's truly a yes. And no a true no.

Where do I start then? Let's take Habit #1 for example.

Say, you really want to have a strong relationship with the Lord by talking to Him every single day but you're too busy or you simply don't know what to talk about.

If you got one minute to spare in a day, start by reading one verse a day. You read that right, just one!

To make it super easy, go to the Home screen view of the Bible app and there you'll find the verse of the day. Read it.

Reading the Word of God is hearing the voice of God.

If you think it's not a conversation yet, thank Him before or after you read the verse. Or tell Him to open the eyes of understanding to comprehend what the verse is saying.

Though reading one verse felt like consuming a small crumb, pray that it'll be more than enough to fill your need of the day. That's faith, my dear friend!


Again, do things you know you can't fail and when you've established your own record of successes, continue to add more! Just remember to keep it as simple as possible.

Why You Need One

Due to my history with depression, I kept incorporating good habits to my way of life because let's face it, it's tiresome to go around in circles!

If you find yourself in a similar situation, kept looking for ways to help you get out of the maze and see what works best.

To make habits stick put intention to them!

My intention for cultivating these 3 Habits in 2020 is for peace of mind, contentment, and order -- you could say it's more about the results I want to see change on the outside by working on my inner world.

What's your inward battle? The landscape may differ from mine but once you've attained self-awareness from them, attack!

Fight for control, incorporate doable habits just like above.

Live intentionally, don't let life pass you by. Shed the old way of doing things that aren't working for a new way of life. This is your life, this is your story. Make 2020 your best year yet!

If the issues you face are more than you can handle, ask for professional help, and start from there.


There you go, friend. I hope I've refreshed you in any way today. What habits will you be cultivating in 2020 and why?

You have an awesome day then! Talk to you soon. ;)

The 3 Habits I'm Cultivating in 2020 And Why You Need One