10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials: Things You Need In Your Winter Wardrobe

August of last year, we traded Texas' sweltering hot weather to Canada's freezing cold climate. Read our story here.

The transition is a hard welcome. September up north felt like the coldest month in the south. Back then I thought, "Gosh, I'd freeze come winter!" "It's best for me to hibernate all winter long and ask the hubby to please thaw me back to life when spring appears." lol.

But of course, our bodies are amazing, we adapt to various kinds of weather conditions.

Take it from me, I grew up near the equator, the Philippines, then I move to Singapore for work, then the hubby's company moved us to Austin, Texas and then again to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

Phew, that got me dizzy!

Did you notice we keep moving farther away from the equator? I hope we don't land in Antarctica next time.

Fast forward January 2020 and here I am surviving the Canadian cold. The coldest we've experienced so far is -33C.

Here's what I've discovered, if you wear the right winter gear, you'll do just fine. In fact, you'll come to love winter as I have.

If you think winter = indoors, you'll get super bored. Oh so me in 2019!

But when you consider the fun activities to do in winter e.g here in Ottawa there's what you call Winterlude (winter festival), skiing at Camp Fortune, ice skating at the Rideau Canal or visiting the Ice Hotel in Quebec City then you'll experience the freezing season in an enjoyable way.

So are you moving somewhere snowy or perhaps going for a short winter vacation?

Here I've curated these 10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials: Things You Need In Your Winter Wardrobe for reference. Check them out below!

10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials: Things You Need In Your Winter Wardrobe

one  |  Other than wearing a parka, I suggest layering a vest on top of your clothing especially if you easily get cold. If too many layers are not your cup of tea, get this or this instead.

two  |  The hubby asked how is it I no longer grumble about the weather. Simple, I found myself a good pair of gloves. Truly, a lifesaver!  Winter gloves are a must-have in your winter wardrobe. Period!

three  |  I personally prefer earmuffs over winter hats because they help preserve the vogue of my hair, just like a headband would. Also, they perfectly protect the ears from the cold. It may look childish to most but who cares really? If this is you, ignore opinions.

four  |  You don't need to buy many of these. In fact, I only got two all winter long. To prolong usage until the next laundry, put on your regular socks first then add this.

five  |  But of course! Need I say more? A winter coat is a must-have!

six  |  Not forgetting the neck, add a scarf for warmth and style. This comes in other colors. Click the link!

seven  |  Talk about fashion and function. How cute is this pair of winter boots? In wintertime, you need to get yourself the right kind of footwear to prevent cold feet and unwanted falls. Besides, it's addicting to step on snowy grounds wearing these.

eight  |  I hear you. So earmuffs are not your thing? Get a beanie instead. They look super cool on every outfit! Just make sure your headgear covers your ears to shield them from the chill. This one comes in different colors. Click the link to see them.

nine  |  Love your lips this winter. This lip balm gives you a hint of color which is nice. Choose your favorite from the link.

ten  |  Another must-have in your winter wardrobe!

There you go, friend. The 10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials: Things You Need In Your Winter Wardrobe listed above are the must-haves for winter.

Style them however you like and you're guaranteed the warmth and comfort you need to enjoy the frozen landscape outside.

Have fun then! Talk to you soon. ;)