Wimberly Market Days (The Oldest Outdoor Market in Texas): Things To Do in Texas, USA

"Oh no, I felt a little dizzy. Are we traveling on a winding road on the way to Wimberly?" I haven't been paying attention to my surroundings. My bad! My eyes were glued to my phone. I'm sitting at the backseat with my girlfriends from church. Wimberly is an hour drive south of Austin, TX.

A friend suggested pulling over. "Why? I don't remember saying anything about the uneasiness I felt, besides, I'm okay." I thought to myself. I've learned, however, that I'm not alone. A few of us developed motion sickness on our way to the oldest outdoor market in Texas. Gosh!

Wimberly Market Days: Things To Do in Texas, USA


Whether it's antiques, plants, accessories, fashion, art, food, you name it, they got it all. Wimberley hosts the oldest outdoor market in the Texas Hill Country. It is the second-largest in the state. They feature over 475 booths of everything you can think of. Now, that's a lot!

Before you go...

Expect to get stuck in traffic leading to the area. People from all over Texas come to Wimberly Market Days. Despite this, there are lots of parking spaces located across the road from Market Day gates 2 and 3. Parking costs $5.

Admission to Wimberly Market Days is FREE. It is held every first Saturday of the month from March - December. Bring cash. Most vendors won't accept debit/credit cards. If you forget to prepare in advance, there's an ATM machine located at Gate 2 entrance.

Wimberly Market Days: Things To Do in Texas, USA
Wimberly Market Days: Things To Do in Texas, USA


Look at the crowd! We were serenaded by a live band while having lunch. I got me sliced brisket and beans for $10 USD. The food is okay by the way. 

Wimberly Market Days: Things To Do in Texas, USA
Wimberly Market Days: Things To Do in Texas, USA

Fast Recovery

Surprisingly, the few of us who developed motion sickness recovered quickly when we saw the booths at Wimberly Market Days. Haha. The eye candies on display have become our medicine to a fast recovery!

Most of these booths sell vintage items. I got me a small vintage framed art for $4 USD and a onesie for my 1-year-old boy for $12 USD. The vintage art I got looks so nice on the wall. It's that one with the gold frame. Can you see it from the photo below?

Wimberly Market Days: Things To Do in Texas, USA

What to Expect

Expect much walking. Don't worry though, you'll be fascinated with the items on display you won't even mind the effort. Besides, this is a great way to get that much-needed exercise living a sedentary lifestyle. I'm guilty as charged!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to see everything. That place is humongous! I'm not sure if you can haggle, I haven't tried. Nonetheless, we did enjoy our time at Wimberly Market Days despite the little inconvenience a few of us felt on the way there. I'd say it's a nice way to spend the weekend with friends or family.


There you go. I hope our experience at the oldest outdoor market in Texas gave you an idea of what to expect during your visit to the area. Don't forget to bring cash. Have fun! Talk to you soon then. ;) 

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