The Lower Antelope Canyon

On our 4th day road tripping the western part of the US, we've visited the Canyon Slots at Page, Arizona. This is one of the most beautiful places we've ever been in our career as tourists.

Lower Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona

It was drizzling when we check out from our hotel at Page. I was a bit worried because tourists are not allowed to visit this site when it's raining because of flash flood. We couldn't afford to miss this site you know. It's one of the places I've dreamt of visiting in my lifetime. I've scheduled to visit the Lower Antelope Canyon specifically for that date and time. It's non-negotiable and it cannot be rescheduled. Hehehe! Praise Jesus! The rain stopped when we've visited. God is good!

We paid $16 USD entrance fee good for 2 pax at the entrance booth and another $40 USD for 2 pax for the Lower Antelope Canyon tour. A normal tour costs $20 USD each good for an hour's worth of non-stop picture taking. Be sure to booked Ken's Tour as they keep the number of people per tour guide at a minimum.

Lower Antelope Canyon Page Arizona travel blog post

There are two canyon slots found in Page Arizona: The Upper Antelope Canyon and the Lower Antelope Canyon. If you can visit both then I would suggest you to do it. Me and husband only opt for the Lower Antelope Canyon because we don't want to pay for the tour twice. I've chosen the Lower Antelope Canyon over the Upper Antelope Canyon because it was 3 times longer than the Upper Antelope Canyon. Also, the reviewers from TripAdvisor and my friend said that the tour guides from the Upper Antelope Canyon would usually rush the tourists to the next corner because people keep on coming in. But it's really up to you especially if you don't want to miss both. 

Lower Antelope Canyon Page Arizona travel blog post

I would not advise to tour the Lower Antelope Canyon if you have small kids and seniors with you because the Lower Antelope Canyon is below ground level. Some areas are accessed through steep stairs and narrow passageways. But this is not the case at the Upper Antelope Canyon as it formed ground level.

Lower Antelope Canyon Page Arizona travel blog post

I really love our tour guide from Ken's Tour. Other than doing the usual job of a tour guide, he also gave us tips on which setting and angle is best to get beautiful photos. And oh, don't be stingy to give your tour guide a tip when you happen to visit the Lower Antelope Canyon. They deserve it for a job well done.

Visiting the Lower Antelope Canyon was really a once in a lifetime experience. I'm glad we've visited this place. Every corner is an 'oh' and 'ah' moment. It's thanks to a good friend of mine who gave me tips and inspirations from her trip at Page a year ago. The visit is one memory of a lifetime!

UP NEXT: The Valley of Fire State Park.