Hooters Casino Hotel Las Vegas: Where to Stay in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Hi! For this post, I'll be sharing my review on Hooters Casino Hotel Las Vegas. If you're planning to stay at this hotel you might want to read on before making a decision. ;)

We've arrived in Vegas at midnight. The last thing I would want to do is book an expensive hotel only to check-in at midnight and check-out early in the morning. With that said, we've decided to book a hotel that's priced fair enough for only a few hours of stay.

We stayed at Hooters Casino Las Vegas which cost us $66.36 for one night stay inclusive of resort fees and tax.

Where to Stay in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

We booked a standard room with two double beds because that is the cheapest of them all. Below's a photo tour of the room we booked at Hooters Casino Hotel Las Vegas.

Where to Stay in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Hubby is still hard at work! From our room, we can view the hotel's swimming area.

Breakfast is not included in the room we've booked. And since I haven't tried dining at a Hooters restaurant, the husband decided to have brunch there which was located at their lobby. And oh yes, the ladies serving you at the restaurant wore their trademark sexy outfits with their butts slapping at your face. Ahahaha! #justjoking

If you're renting a car, self-parking is not an option. It'll be your lucky day if you happen to see an empty parking space at the hotel grounds which is always full. But valet parking is available. You just have to give the guy, parking your car, a tip.

What I Thought

I'll be totally honest with you. I've regretted booking this hotel at all. Here's why...
  • The carpet and bathroom floors are very dirty.
  • The aircon is very loud. I'm not able to sleep well that night.
  • The room is outdated.
  • The bathroom ceiling leaks.
  • The table lamp placed at the center of the two double beds is useless because there are no outlets anywhere near it.

I guess I shouldn't be asking too much from it because I've paid cheap so I just got what I've paid for. But the good part is WiFi is free. Yay! And the hotel is located at The Strip, opposite The MGM Grand which is really good if you're looking for cheaper options with easy walking access to The Strip.

After all, this is the reason why you're in Las Vegas in the first place to be closer to The Strip without having to worry about car parking.

Where to Stay in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Will I recommend staying at this hotel? Nah! If you can afford a better option, then go for it.