Israel Pilgrimage : DAY 2

The first thing we did on day 2 of our Israel pilgrimage was to ride a boat at the Sea of Galilee. It was a surprise to me that the port was just at the backyard of our hotel in Tiberias. From the hotel, it only took less than 5 minutes walk to reach the port. Do check out my post: Israel Travel Itinerary for more travel tips and inspirations.

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How could I ever forget the peaceful yet mesmerising scene at the Sea of Galilee. To read more about the Sea of Galilee check out my previous post titled : The Sea of Galilee Boat Ride Experience.

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This is the oldest wooden boat in Israel. It was discovered on the shore of the Sea of Galilee in the winter of 1986 which is now seen in this museum. It has been dated to the first half of the first century. Yes, you read that right. This boat was super ancient. This boat at the museum is a 2,000 year old boat. Whoooaah! Awesome right?

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Together with the boat, they've also found a lunch pot and a flashlight which is shown in the lower left side of the photo below. A model of the boat is found on the upper right side of the photo below.

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This is a hill at the north-western point of the Sea of Galilee. This hill has a hollowed slope that serves as a natural amphitheatre, amplifying nay speaker's voice. It also has a view of Capernaum and Tabgha. To read more about this post check out The Mount of Beatitudes : Nature's Very Own Ampitheatre.

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Capernaum is located on the shore of the Sea of Galilee. Capernaum was the center of Jesus' Galilean ministry (Matthew 4:13) after He left Nazareth. Jesus lived here for a substantial period, healing the sick, preaching in the synagogue and performing miracles like delivering a man of unclean spirits (Mark 1:23-26). Another miracle that was performed here was the healing of the paralytic lowered through the roof (Mark 2:1-12). Capernaum was also the home to Peter and Andrew (Mark 1:29) and Matthew the tax collector.  To find out more check out my post : Capernaum : A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land.

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Weeee! It's now time for lunch. I'm hungry and at the same time excited because I can get to eat Saint Peter's fish. Okay, it's actually a tilapia fish which was named after Jesus Christ disciple Peter. We passed by Jordan river on our way to the restaurant and the camera's from our tour bus started to click simultaneously.

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And we're here.

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The food and the view at this restaurant is amazing. Aaahh!! Love that breeze coming from the Sea of Galilee. I'm now fully loaded to go to our next site.

KURSI (Drive by)

On our way to Bethsaida we passed by a narrow road on a side of a hill. This is the land of the Gadarenes or country of the Gerasenes and is identified as the site where Jesus delivered the possessed man and send the legion of demons into a large herd of swine (Luke 8:26-33; Mark 5:1-11; Matthew 8:28-34).

The area is very interesting. We saw the tombs on the side of the hill and the steep cliff where the herds of swine committed suicide (paraphrase). Hehehe! Unfortunately, we weren't able to take a snap of it.


Bethsaida ("Fisherman's House") is a village on the north side of the Sea of Galilee, the original residence and perhaps the birthplace of three of Jesus' disciples - Andrew, Peter and Philip (John 1:44; 12:21). Some of Jesus' mighty works took place here (Matthew 11:21, Luke 10:13) including Jesus healing a blind man by spitting on his eyes and laying His hands on him (Mark 8:22:26). To find out more about this site check out my post : Bethsaida "Fisherman's House".

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And finally to our last site of the day.


This is where the resurrected Jesus showed Himself to His disciples as they were fishing and called out to them (John 21). A touching scene followed as Jesus restored Peter, who denied Him before the 
crucifixion, and commissioned him to feed and tend His sheep and lambs. To find out more about this site check out my post : Church at St. Peter's Primacy.

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Now time to rest and recharge back to our hotel. To find out more about my look for our day 2 pilgrimage at Israel, check out my post Nacho Mama. From there, you'll found out the reasoning behind the outfit post title. ;)

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