Caesarea Maritima (A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land): Things To Do in Israel

Have you ever had this experience where your physically present in a beautiful location but your mind is somewhere else? That's me right there in Caesarea Maritima. If I could only transmit my consciousness to my young self back then, I'd say, "Be present. You only have NOW to live! You cannot go back to the past nor advance to the future. Relish the moment. Take in everything before you and don't forget to Thank God for all His goodness!" Enough said! Now, let's take you to Caesarea Maritima.

Caesarea Maritima: Things To Do in Israel

Getting off the tour bus, we were greeted by edifices of stones on the way to Port Cafe. Ruins of a bygone era lay flat on the ground. Isn't it amazing? These ancient structures have stood the test of time and here we are gazing at it. I wonder how our modern buildings fare for the next century or the millennium? "Nah, so much for thought! I wonder what's for breakfast?"


Caesarea Maritima is an ancient port city built by Herod the Great in honor of Caesar and named it "Caesarea Maritima." (That's politicking skills right there!) The location is strategic for important trade routes at that time period.

Spiritual Significance

This is the area where Peter preached the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ to Cornelius' household in Acts 10, placing them among the earliest Gentile believers of the New Covenant. This paved the way for Christianity to spread to all nations. The apostle Paul often traveled here (Acts 9:30; 18:22; 21:8). He was also imprisoned here for two years before being taken to Rome to stand trial (Acts 23:23; 25:1-13).

Here, let me take you on a photo tour. Locate the chariot race track and the theater from the photos below.

Caesarea Maritima: Things To Do in Israel
Caesarea Maritima: Things To Do in Israel Caesarea Maritima: Things To Do in Israel Caesarea Maritima: Things To Do in Israel Caesarea Maritima: Things To Do in Israel

That's me right there. Happily smiling after swallowing that day's Mediterranean breakfast. It's good! Wanna know where we went next? Come here!

There you go, friend. I hope my experience at Caesarea Maritima gave you an idea of what to expect when you come. You have fun! And don't forget to be present in the now. Talk to you soon then. ;)