Review : Nivea Creme

I really felt nostalgia when I see this round tin box from Nivea Creme. It reminds me of mom doing her morning beauty ritual during my younger days. The moment I saw the round tin box my nose would instantly recall the nose of the creme. Aaahh!! #takemeback


The moisturizer is a white thick cream packaged with it's signature round tin blue box. I guess most of us have been familiar with this moisturizer since like forever.

  • Lovin' the scent. I remember this scent on my younger days because my mom used to have this creme.
  • Cheap. Bought it for SGD 1.95 for a 30mL container.
  • Can be doubled as a night cream since it doesn't come with SPF.
  • It doesn't break me out.
  • Can be use as a whole body moisturizer.

  • It has a very thick consistency.
  • Very hard to spread all over the face. It leaves a thick formed lotion on the face.
  • I feel like the creme is just sitting on top of my face. I'm not sure if my skin is even absorbing it.
  • I find my face a bit greasy after application. Yikes! Applying loads of face powder can tone it down though.
  • With how it's being packaged, it can get unhygienic.

Sorry for being blunt for this review but honestly, I don't like this moisturizer. There are just too many con's and most of it are what I'm looking for a good moisturizer. 

How do you find this moisturizer? Perhaps you have a much better view of this product or other uses? I would love it if you share it with me in the comment below.