You might wonder what my blog post title is. If you do then don't worry because I won't hold it for too long. We'll, it's an abbreviation for No Permanent Address. Being foreigners in the land, I think, the norm is to be always moving from one place to another. Honestly, I got use to this lifestyle and I've learned to be owning only fewer items and buying what is only needed though this is not an easy feat for a woman. ;)) So yeah, after a month of staying at Bukit Panjang, Singapore we decided to move back to Clementi, Singapore because I find it hard to adjust travelling for 1 hour, and most of the time standing in the bus, commuting to the office every morning and another hour in the evening. Though some of you may disagree with me since this is not really a big issue and I do agree with you. :)) But if you have an option, why not choose the better right?

Though the place we had in Bukit Panjang have many perks like swimming pool, gym, among others because it is a condominium, me and hubby would still choose to be in Clementi because there are many establishments and shopping areas in that place. Ahahaha! Shopping is always a big part in a lady's heart. That place is also the birthplace of me and hubby's love that turned into marriage. Many beautiful and memorable things happened in that place that's why we are always drawn there. ;))