Review: EarWax Vacuum Cleaner

This product review that I'll be sharing today is kind of a gross nature but hey, let's be real. We do clean our ears for hygienic purposes, right? I mean who doesn't? So here I'll be sharing about this earwax vacuum cleaner I bought on

EarWax Vacuum Cleaner Product Review


  • Clean & dry ears in a safe, gentle & effective way than cotton swabs
  • Suitable for use anytime especially after showers or swimming
  • Gently draws dirt particles and moisture out of the ear
  • Safety guard prevents tip from entering too far into the ear canal
  • Cordless design and ease of cleaning and operating make it great for travel
  • Suitable for children to adults


Material: ABS
Approximate Dimensions: 10 x 4.5 x 12cm
Operates on 2xAA batteries

I find this earwax vacuum cleaner shaped just like a small hairdryer. It suctions out earwax from the ears. It has two ends: one end has an ear examining light which I find useless and the other end is the earwax suctioning part.


  • 1 earwax vacuum cleaner
  • 8 silicon tips
  • 1 cleaning brush


Attach the silicone tip on the ear wax vacuum cleaner. Hold the ear wax vacuum cleaner to your ear canal in order to suction out the earwax.


This video has instructions on how to clean the product but I also have another tip on how to thoroughly clean the silicon tip. This is to save it from prematurely dumping to the trash bin.

#Tip: Use a q-tip and slide it inside the silicon tip included in this package to thoroughly clean out the debris left behind inside before washing it as per instructions in the video. (For reference please see photo from the upper right)


I bought this product because I've been suffering from an itchy ear lately and I've read that this product purportedly helps aid the problem. Let's see from the pros and cons below on what I thought about this product. 

  • Cheap. Bought it on a deal for $9.90 SGD.

  • Somehow it manages to suction out earwax from the ears but it's not strong enough to pull out the debris entirely. This is because when I first use this product I did a q-tip follow up on my ears (because I'm curious to know if it does really work) and found out that there is still some debris left on my ears. Others suggested that it's best to use it after a shower but I say there's not much difference.
  • It does not help aid itchy ears.
  • It gently suctions out the earwax from the ears, you can actually feel the air pressure when you place it on your ear canal, but I get annoyed with the buzzing sound it makes (don't worry it's not something that could impair your hearing).
  • I find the ear examining light useless. I don't actually use it.

I don't really find this product effective. I primarily thought that I did a lot of savings buying this product but it's not otherwise. I don't recommend this product. It's better to stick to what you've been used to do when cleaning your ears. 

You can check out their promotional video here. The video also has instructions on how to use and how to clean the product.