Park Avenue Rochester Hotel Singapore

Me and my husband were supposed to go swimming on a public swimming complex in our area over the weekend but not once we're we tempted to dive in. We decided to go home still wearing our swimwear inside we when realized our keys was left inside the flat. How did it happen? Okay, we we're currently renting a room and before we left the flat, the door and the gate was still open because the owner was still at home preparing for work so we didn't use any of our keys before we left. #itscalledcareless After a few hours of thinking what to do and contacting friends with my dying battery, we decided to checked in at a nearby hotel. 

Park Avenue Rochester Hotel Singapore


We checked in at the hotel almost 9:00 in the evening. Good thing we bought extra changes of clothes (as I've mentioned above we we're supposed to swim at a public swimming complex). 

Park Avenue Rochester Hotel Singapore

The hotel lobby is quite small and quite bland especially the elevator area going up to the rooms (see photo above on the upper middle section where my husband is standing). I immediately thought that this hotel is a budget hotel. When I asked my husband how much does the deluxe room cost per night. I was shocked! It cost $218 SGD without breakfast. It was definitely expensive. 


I find the lobby to our rooms small but clean. You need to have an access card from the hotel lobby reception to gain entry to their facility. When we went inside our room, I was surprised. The room was a far cry from the bland hotel lobby I just saw earlier. The view from our room is the main road leading to National University Singapore and on the opposite side is the Nanyang Technological University (photo on the upper left).

Park Avenue Rochester Hotel Singapore

There's a built in lounging area near the window where I was sitting in on the photo above but unfortunately only the pillows are comfortable. I think the thing that I sat on is made of wood or the like.

Part of the room amenities are coffee, tea, sugar, creamer, 2 water bottles, 2 pairs of slippers, iron, ironing horse, hair dryer and an electric thermo pot to boil water. 


I was so thrilled to find that there's a bath tub in our room. I love to dip in a warm bath! The bathroom is quite clean except for some dirty tiles on the shower wall (see photo on the upper mid section). 

Park Avenue Rochester Hotel Singapore

The bathroom has the usual amenities like the shower gel, soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower cap, toothbrush, toothpaste, cotton buds, cotton and tissue papers.


Because we checked in almost 9:00 in the evening, we didn't waste any time and head straight to the pool area since it will close by 10:00 in the evening. The pool was small but extremely inviting. I think that the water in the swimming pool is about 4 feet high so it's good for non-swimmers like me. As per normal procedure we took the shower which was freakishly cold. I could still imagine my body shivering. The more when we dip into the pool but our bodies adjusted to it a few minutes later anyway.

Park Avenue Rochester Hotel Singapore

Photo on the lower right is the entrance to the pool.

Park Avenue Rochester Hotel Singapore

The pool is located on the 4th floor of the hotel so you're actually swimming high up (see lower mid section from the photo above for the view from the pool area).

Park Avenue Rochester Hotel Singapore

There's a small garden on the pool area and some beach bench to put your belongings while swimming or simply to relax.

There's also a gym on this area (see lower left photo below). 

Park Avenue Rochester Hotel Singapore

On the upper right from the photo below is the entrance leading to the pool area and the right photo is the hotel room lobby.


After a fun filled night swimming and a warm bath at the bath tub (which I totally love, in fact I wanted to dip a bit longer if not for my hungry husband), we went downstairs almost midnight to look for something to eat. Good thing Starbucks is still open. I wanted to sip a warm milk before going to bed.

The bed at the hotel was awesome. I was able to sleep well and wanted to sleep some more but the pool is calling me again. So we dip in it again early the next day.

Park Avenue Rochester Hotel Singapore

Again, it was freakishly cold. 

I enjoyed our stay at this hotel. Me and my husband we're so happy to spend the night here. It was supposed to be a weekend swimming at a nearby public swimming complex yet it turned out checking in to this hotel with an inviting private pool.


The hotel has a very convenient location near Buona Vista MRT. From here you can also take Bus 106 directly to Orchard Road for 20 - 30 minutes or to Marina Bay for 40 minutes maximum 1 hour travel depending on the traffic. There are lots of restaurants around the area especially that the The Star Performing Arts Centre is here (quite expensive but worth the price). This hotel is quite small but clean. They have neat rooms with very comfortable beds but I personally find it quite pricey but maybe just average knowing that it's Singapore.