Let's Talk Style: The Mid-Rise Jeans

Let's talk style, specifically, the mid-rise jeans. At 5 feet 1 inch, it's challenging for me to find the right jeans in terms of price, fit, and length. On my mental board, I stuck this post-it note that reminds me to always choose high-waisted bottoms to lengthen my short legs. 

But when I dig these mid-rise jeans from Old Navy, my fashion rule went down the drain. My butt loved the fit and the price won my wallet. Ka-ching! Bye-bye 20 bucks plus tax.

Are you susceptible to impulse purchases? This is my story every time I shop. When my eyes see lovely new pieces, my rational mind shuts down, and my desire to acquire ricochets up. Gee, I need to supplant better patterns in this area of my life.

Back to the jeans. In the beginning, this looked inky black. But after seeing several washes, it faded to cheap. Can you see the color difference between my bottom apparel and booties?

Speaking of shoes, I love Steve Madden. In the photo, I'm wearing shoes called winter booties. Sadly, it's no longer available since I got it in 2016. But I found a similar item, check out the link below.

Actually, I bought two booties from the brand and they're still in amazing condition. The other one is in brown suede. Here's how I styled it in 2016 and here. Here's the latest outfit post I did, wearing the mentioned booties. It's from March of this year. Wow, that's 5 years apart! Did you see it? This brand is value for money. Highly recommended!

Moving on...

This mid-rise jean style elongates my torso -- that's part I don't want to lengthen -- whilst cutting my legs. Not flattering at all. It helps I wore black pointed boots here. If I wore white sneakers or colored shoes, I'll probably look like a dwarf.

And instead of tucking in my bulging stomach, it's hanging. Haha. Quite noticeable in the photos. Though not all the way, thanks to my loose sweater. 

I don't mind wearing mid-rise so long as I own a pair of long legs. But that's not the case here. Never will be. So better avoid.

Lesson learned. It's better to stick with fashion aide-memoire. I've learned this the hard way. Given my predispositions, I've probably made the mistake again. Oh well.

To summarize:
- Stick with your fashion rule.
- Invest in pieces you'll love for a long time.
- Wear shapewear underneath. Always. (Ugh, why is food so good?! >.<)

petite spring fashion
gucci sunglasses
petite spring fashion
petite spring fashion

Oh, I hope you don't mind seeing my son in my outfit posts. He likes to join the photo sessions. ;) 

petite spring fashion
petite spring fashion
petite spring fashion
petite spring fashion
gucci sunglasses
petite spring fashion

Yes, I've worn this long grey coat before too. Check it out here.

What I Wore
Uniqlo Long Grey Coat
Marc Jacobs Sure Shot Bag [favorite color]
Steve Madden Winter Booties [similar]
Tory Burch Reversible Belt [similar]
Gucci Sunglasses [alternative]
Mejuri Threader Earrings