How to Shorten Pants Without Sewing

Petite girl problem: Pants or jeans too long. Jeans are easy to address. I could just cuff or fold them. But not dress pants. They are slouchy and droops at top of my feet. (See photo on the left.)

I learn how to sew from my Home Economics class back in elementary school, but I'm not confident enough to do it on my own. My novice results show up. We don't want that. Poor workmanship cheapens the overall appeal of an outfit.

Enter fabric tape.

I learn about this no sewing method by scanning DIY tutorials on Pinterest. I then search Youtube for visual instructions, follow, and wa-lah, my quick-fix solution. It's easy. Read how below.

shorten pants without sewing

1. Put on pants. Fold the hem to your desired length.

2. Secure the fold with pins.

3. Remove pants. Place on top of the iron board and iron press the new hem or at end of the fold. I do this so the fabric will not move all over the place during tape placement.

4. Insert the tape fabric all around, joining the original hem and wrong side of the garment. This is the area where we usually apply the thread when sewing.

5. Iron. 

6. Let cool. And check the bond.

Note: This is not a permanent solution. I still recommend visiting the tailor for professional service. ;)

Have a wonderful week then. Stay awesome!