Christmas Card 2020

I like idling on the sofa, staring at the snowy landscape outside. Born and raised in the Philippines -- where there are only two seasons: sunny and rainy -- I've always been curious what it feels like to touch, see and step on a white-blanketed path.

For years, every Christmas season, I'd sing the carol, "I've been dreaming of a white Christmas...", without a sliver of thought it'd be possible for me to experience it firsthand. It's even a stretch to think I'd live in the far north. (Canada is the farthest I've been/lived away from the equator.)

Though I like snow, I never like below -10 degrees Celcius weather. Chilly weather stings your skin, seeps into your pores, shudders your bones. Plus, it's uncomfortable to move in layers and layers of clothing. I have to make sure I'm fully warm before treading outside.

I suppose I'm not used to it. This is our second winter up here in Ottawa-land. My body is yet to climatized to my new environment. As to when would that happen? Time will tell.

Also, I'm grateful we moved out from the first rundown apartment unit we rented for a year (more here), where carpenter-ant-chipped-walls and the heater couldn't sustain the warmth. My 2-year-old was always waking at the wee hours of the morning due to chilly thin air in the bedroom. He'd be shrieking, itchy, and red. He battles eczema. 

It's all good now after we found a new build, 15 minutes away. This is how we decorated our townhouse rental for Christmas 2020

Though I'd wish for a white Christmas, this year is green. Nope, I wasn't disappointed. In fact, I'm praying mild weather will be a staple this winter.

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How did your Christmas celebration go?

We should have spent it with friends, coming from Toronto. Unfortunately, Ontario will be on lockdown again, starting tomorrow. They couldn't make it. What's the COVID-19 situation in your country or province?

Yesterday, like all Christmases we'd have had after moving West (201520172018), we celebrated it alone as a family. We baked Lechon (roasted pork, only a slab of the belly), fruits, pancit (Filipino style dry noodles), and other finger foods. We arranged them neatly on a chopping board we rarely used, to look like a palatable charcuterie board.

Two hours before midnight, we allowed the little boy to open up his Christmas presents. (Check out my post: Help Your Kids From Gift-Opening Meltdown this Christmas here.) The husband wanted it to be done at the stroke of midnight, like how their family did it back home, their family tradition. I reasoned he (our son) won't be able to sleep if we wait that long. He would fight his drooping eyes all night, in favor of playing with his brand new toy. This is what we got him.

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Today, we're at home chilling, since we can't go visit the stores. They're closed on Christmas day. It's raining outside, has been since yesterday. 

But no problem, because I'm hooked with the Harry Potter series. I'm currently on book 5. I got my hands on the books because my husband signed me up on Kindle Unlimited. My subscription is good for two years. Thank you so much!

Also, Zara is having their winter sale today. Yay!

I don't know why but I'm bedazzled by the current Gucci fashion style (like this and this). It's colorful, interesting and a standout. No, I don't want to stick out from the crowd, but I do like to have fun with my outfits. 

In this year's Zara sale, I'll be checking out for houndstooth prints, plaid, wide pants, pleated midi skirts, flower print blouses. What's your current fashion leanings?

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What I'm wearing:
Houndstooth print pants from Zara
Blue Blazer from Banana Republic (how I've styled this boyfriend blazer before: here and here)
Satin Camisole Top from H&M

If you're checking out 2020's Zara sale, happy shopping!

And oh, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family. ;)