How to Make the Most Out of F.O.M.O.

Yes, you read the title right! F.O.M.O as in Fear Of Missing Out. Most of us translate these four letters like some bad word because of their meaning.

Here’s a simple google search of FOMO: Anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.

Does it produce anything of value other than wasting our precious resources?

Let’s find out.

The year was 2014. Most of the people I know, who also moved and worked in Singapore, have flown somewhere but me. How do I know? Social Media, of course.

Thus, I filled that year alone with much travel: Batam, Bintan, Bali (all in Indonesia), Thailand, Vietnam, Israel, the USA.

Not only did I booked all the tickets I could afford, but I also packed our schedule to the brim. I wanted to be at every tourist destination, snap all the street corners and interesting sights I’ve encountered, nosh the top food items suggested on Tripadvisor, do most of the activities people enjoy.

But no, it's impossible. A college friend objected to the itinerary I’ve made on our second trip together. Our first time exhausted her. So on our second, she only went with me on day 1 and set off on her own on the next, suggesting we meet at the airport on our way back home. Crazy!

If you don’t call that FOMO, I don’t know what is. 

How to Make the Most Out of FOMO
Photo from Mount Royal Lookout (see here)

When we (the husband and I) relocated to the US -- also in 2014, at the end of that year -- the itch to travel was impeded. I can no longer find affordable tickets. So I stayed put, jealous of others that could. (I’m being honest here, okay!)

As I scroll and scroll for exciting news on social media, I realize I’m not only covetous of other’s exploits but also of the things I don’t/can't have. Oh, dear! I knew something was up.

It would be years and stacks of books later when my eyes finally opened. I acknowledge it’s got something to do with my heart. I say ‘my heart’ because my husband doesn’t struggle like the way I do. Perhaps you do. Perhaps you don’t.

I knew I had this bottomless drive to do it all, have it all. Then one day, it hit me. I could channel all this effervescent energy to something of value like learning and doing the things I love. I could develop my gifts, sharpen my skills.

Today, I still have FOMO but with a twist. I gave it a new meaning, a different medium. I make the most out of FOMO by improving myself. I ask myself regularly if I’ve invested enough to learn and become better than who I was yesterday. I worry if I’ve given everything I could to utilize the resources and talents God gave me. I fear missing out on the excitement of becoming the better version of me. I fear leaving this world without making an impact on the life I was given.

Do you think you could channel FOMO to something of value?

How to Make the Most Out of FOMO.