Back to Work & The Harry Potter Series

Hey, how's it going? I pray all is well. I have nothing to offer you for this post but a simple life update. Disclosing my thoughts helps me clear out the smog befuddling my mind. Of course, you don't have to waste your precious time reading this. I suggest you check out the life lessons I've written in the past for you.  

Still here? If you've decided to stay and read on, don't say I didn't warn you. Here we go...

book recommendations

This past week has been taxing (though no one is creating pressure, but me). I wanted to do it all, study it all, perform, and push that my mind refuses to rest. I have the schedule of an owl. And because my reasoning objects to staring at the ceiling for hours and hours, waiting for sleep to come, I read to tire out my mind.

It backfired. I got pulled into Harry Potter's world, dodging real-life chores, out of my own volition. I don't blame J.K. Rowling, okay? She's an amazing writer. I'm on my fourth book but I'm taking it slow. I need to perform in real-time too.

Check out the Harry Potter Series below: 

(Note: If you're subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, you get to read the series for free. Technically, it's not free but part of your subscription. That's how I'm able to get my hands on them.)

Now, I've been sleeping during the day, skirting essential studies for work, and writing for the two blogs: this (AGladDiary) and ShoutsofWisdom. When I say day, it literally means it. I sleep around 8-10am and wake up late in the afternoon. Crazy huh?

Geez, I should have chosen non-fiction. It's guaranteed to lull my mind.

Anyway, yes, I'm back to work. I'm hired to write, not words but codes. I'm in the IT industry. My husband objects to my plan at first. He prefers I focus on my passions. Sadly, the pay isn't enough. It cannot afford my burgeoning wants list. So here I am going back to the hustle. I work late until the wee hours of the morning. I'm awake anyway, might as well, earn.

And I've been updating my skills too. I take lessons online at Udemy. I have too. I haven't worked since March this year and my skills need it.

True. It's an exhausting schedule. Plus, it's winter up here in the north -- long nights. The sun rises at 7'oclock and sets at 4, which means I get to enjoy Mr. Sun for a sliver. Again, there's no one to blame but me. I've chosen to whack my body clock.

Nah, It's fine. The husband and I agreed to do it this way so he can have the office during the day and me during the night. Duh, he crosses our agreement many times though. Anyway, I can readjust my schedule once I've settled into my new job. Thankfully, it's only part-time. 

Well, I think I've said enough. I've cleared out my thoughts. If you're still reading this, thank you.

And oh, if you've decided to read/review the Harry Potter series, it's best to take your time. I've read the first three for three days in a row. Not recommended, unless you got loads of free time.

So yeah, that's it from me. You have an awesome week then. ;)