Easy Snack Board Idea

When my mind is occupied, my stomach demands.

Are you the same?

No matter how busy my brain gets, my belly makes sure its requests are heard. So when I'm studying or working, I prepare snacks on the side.

Easy Snack Board Idea

Sure, mine may not be elaborately made like the ones you see on Pinterest. But it's plenty to satisfy my snacking tendencies, minus the guilt since it's fixed from fresh produce.

And not just for me but also for kids. 

Our 3-year-old loves this. In fact, his small figure hovers over it, refusing to be elsewhere until the board is lick clean. He sways from side to side after each bite like what you see in those commercials of actors expressing heavenly food. Where does he get it? Mom, of course. ;)

What should you put on your snack board? It's up to you. Choose your favorites. Just make sure to mix in different things to keep it interesting.

I saw a friend's snack board on social media last Christmas. Her's is an assortment of chocolate sticks, peanut butter cups, pretzels, cookies, nuts. If that's your vibe, why not?

Will a chopping board do? That depends if you care about aesthetics. Actually, a flat platter will do it too. Here I use a breadboard. I got this when we found ourselves in one of those food binge spells.

It was when we've discovered a bakery nearby that we love. (We recently moved apartments. Story here.) Food exploits like this don't usually last. We have a fun expression in the house that goes. "What's trending in our taste buds?"

Once it was pizza. Next, bubble teas. Then, anything Korean. Then this restaurant. Yes, you get the idea.

We'd scarf down on specific flavors for days or weeks. Eat and eat like some hungry animal. Crazily chomping for a short period of time and then it's over. Where did the love go? Well, it doesn't matter. It's time to move on. Thankfully, there are no emotional baggage and hurt feelings. Queue in the next seasonal food item, please! There's always more to try and explore.

Despite our tendencies, I still got myself a breadboard. My excuse is so I could cut the sconce nicely into toddler-bite pieces. Of course, it must be on a pretty board. When I could simply divide it by hand, no problem. A toddler doesn't care about aesthetics anyway. They only care if it's yummy.

I get it. We women love to justify those unnecessary purchases. But it's needed. The husband left the chat. 

Now, the pastry binge has died down. I use ours as a snack board or for serving. Nope, I'm not a bread person in general. But since it's a pretty board, it's easy to reuse.

Easy Snack Board Idea

Shop breadboards below

Here's what I've put in:
  • cherry tomatoes (love this)
  • crackers (Skyflakes)
  • cheese (pairs well with crackers)
  • grapes
  • Jolly Rancher fruity sours
  • candy cane (because it's Christmas season.)
  • white chocolate
  • strawberries
  • dried mangoes

Whew! That sounds a lot. So remember to share. You don't have to fill it to the brim if you're eating solo. I don't, like when I'm working or studying late at night.

So what you'll be putting in?

You have fun then!