Coffee Table Christmas Decor for Less than $15

Hey there! Are you looking to decorate your coffee table this holiday season for less? Well yeah! I’m totally up for budget shopping this Christmas.

If I’m the daughter of Bill Gates, I’d definitely add ornaments to every corner of the house, as well as on the outside. I’ll make it look like one of those houses in a Christmas village miniature set. Whew, that’ll be a big project!

Obviously, I don’t have a billionaire’s resource. With that said, let’s focus on one spot in the house then -- the coffee table. Let’s make it super simple and affordable anyone can do.

Here’s what I did.

Coffee Table Christmas Decor for Less

I got a small tabletop tree ($6) and a vanilla-scented candle ($7) from Walmart Canada. I’ve rounded off the point something (or the cents) to its upper value. Price before tax. Affordable huh?

My theme is white and silver with a hint of blue and pink and mint green. If you’re into reds, then choose a hue that mixes well with your theme.

Here I've chosen a white candle and a mini tree with white dusting, which appears like fresh snow on an evergreen.

Below are other affordable miniature Christmas trees for less than $15 at Amazon.

Sure, you can outdo what I’ve done here. Here’s a link to a favorite and another and another. Pinterest offers many inspirations.

Coffee Table Christmas Decor for Less

To revamp this simple coffee table set up for Christmas, I’d add a round wooden tray, placing my miniature tree on top of it; miniature ornaments for the tree; and probably a mini reindeer.

Since that would make our project over budget, let’s move that for later.

Actually, that’s my game plan. Buy the decorations, one shopping trip at a time, until my inner interior designer is satisfied. But not too much that it'll take an entire village to set it up with no breathing room inside. Haha.

If you don’t know, I have a toddler at home. Thankfully, he’s already three. When I’m not looking, he’ll be touching and playing with the Christmas decorations like there were hidden treasures in his toy basket. When I catch him and our eyes meet, he’ll act innocent and change course. (lol)

Anyway, how will you decorate your coffee table this Christmas season? Will you make it as simple as my setup in this post or go elaborate?

Coffee Table Christmas Decor for Less

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I hope you have an awesome week then. ;)