Big Friday Sale on Winter Essentials 2020

It's frigid. The nights are long. The skin is dry, cracked, and itchy. Hello, freezing weather! It's time to restock the closet for winter basics.

When we moved to Ottawa a year ago (see here), I had no idea what the cold in the northern hemisphere feels like. So I only bought with me a few winter clothes from down south (Texas) where winter weather averages 16 degrees Celsius. Lovely huh?

At first, I thought we'll only be staying here temporarily. But then COVID-19 came, 2020's unexpected plot twist and we're here caught in the uncertainty. For who knows when. Forever? Well, nobody could live that long.

So last year, when a friend came to visit, we toured here around wintry downtown. See here. It was there I noticed these cool ladies wearing only leggings/jeggings or jeans, going about their business on the white, soggy, slick streets of Ottawa.

How can they do it?

When I'm here wearing endless layers of garments. My bottom wrapping is composed of regular leggings + thermal leggings + skirt + legs warmers + two layers socks + snow boots. Overkill! Your mind is probably spinning.

You're not alone!

Imagine what my husband had to endure. He too complained about my keep-myself-warm changing habits. Unfortunately, I don't have any other shortcuts (at that time).

And with all that clothing stack on top of each other, it's uncomfortable to move around like a robot with minimal movements.

Then one day, eureka! Here's the secret of those cool ladies: thermal jeans/jeggings. Haha. You've probably figured it out before I did. Geez, why did it take me so long?

And the awesome part?

My favorite shop -- where I buy jeans that compliment my smallish, petite frame -- is having a Big Friday Sale. Yay!

Note: I'm not paid to do this. These are my honest picks. Also, I've added other warm items of clothing to the mix. Check them all out below!

winter essentials

Shop them here. 

one  |  My animal-print proclivity approves this style. Last year, I got a gray oversize coat from Uniqlo when we visited the Toronto area. It's light and soft and looks similar to this minus the leopard-print of course.

This might not keep you warm for regions where it drops below 0 degrees Celsius. But for cities like Austin, TX? Yeah! 

two  |  Gosh, this item is selling fast like hotcakes. There are only a few sizes left. Sadly, my size is no longer available.

three  |  Cozy, Mock-turtleneck, tunic length, which hits below the hips. It's available in other colors. And in tall and petite sizes.

four  |  Is this soft to the touch? I got a teddy fur bomber jacket from Walmart Canada last year and it doesn't feel plush like a teddy bear, but it keeps me warm nonetheless. I hope this one touches light and nice and snug.

five  |  Of course, you can never go wrong with a scarf. Also available in other colors.

six  |  This is thermal. I love wearing this under a knitted sweater. It keeps you warm. Will be restocking on this. Available in other colors too.

seven  |  If you prefer jeggings over jeans, get this. If you like the blue hue, here's the link.

eight  |  Easy pullover style with plush sherpa hood lining. Keeps you cozy and warm this winter. Available in other colors.

nine  |  This is the black version of the #2 item in the list. There are still more sizes up for grabs.

What winter essentials will you be adding to the cart?

Happy shopping!