Why It's Important to Take Inventory of Your Habits

Do you want to lose weight? Learn how to manage your emotions, time, finances, or other resources? Become better at your job? Be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually present for your family?

If yes, here's a simple exercise for you. Observe what you do in the next 24 hours. What goes into your day? Are they helping you reach your desired destination? Or are they getting in the way?

Of course, I'm not talking about eating, brushing your teeth, taking a shower, and other everyday things we do for self-care and self-nourishment.

I'm talking about how you're spending your time daily like:

  • reading a book for 10 minutes
  • An hour scanning highlight reels from social media
  • 2 hours on Youtube or Pinterest or Netflix
  • Taking long naps
  • Eating lots of sugary snacks
  • Exercise for an hour
  • Taking lessons to upgrade your skill
  • 5 hours worrying about your problems or feeling sorry about yourself (I've been there! If you are seeking freedom from dark depression thoughts, you might want to check my post: The 7 Ways That Help Me Overcome Depression)

Why It's Important to Take Inventory of Your Habits?
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I had this ugly experience last week, I couldn't sleep! 33 hours have come and gone, yet sleep wouldn't hum. I was in tears while lying on the bed, my mind still on the ball ready to seize a fresh idea it could squeeze. What is happening to me?

I took a quick inventory of what I did a couple of nights before. Turns out it's was my latest craze for reading novels. How can you possibly sleep in on a good story?

These are the culprits.

I know I had to make adjustments if I want to function at my best. This is also the same if you want to be the most badass version of yourself or make the most out of your life. Make the change!

But first, take inventory of what you do in your day. What habits are getting in the way of your awesome? What can you do to change or improve on it?

To make changes stick for the long term. Start small. Yes, one area at a time.

Here are some examples of making small changes in the ff. areas:


Want to lose weight or make healthy food choices? Perhaps you can start by replacing that sugary afternoon snack with carrot sticks or whatever healthy alternative you have in mind. Or if you eat 2 cups of rice per meal, reduce it to 1 and a half.

It also helps if you place those high-calorie foods in hard to reach places. As the old adage goes, "Out of sight, out of mind."

The best strategy I find helpful is this... the battle is won at the grocery store.

Here's another. When I look at those sinfully good sweets online I reframe my craving thoughts by telling myself, "Nothing tastes better than fit feels!" (~Tony Robbins)


You can also start doing 10-minute walks at home. Yes, in your living room. There are lots of Youtube videos for that, even my 3-year-old has no problems doing them. This one is a 10-minute walk routine at home. Check it out!

Family with Little Ones

When mommy and daddy are working, our little boy would immediately react with a whine vying for his me-time. This technique helps us during the in-betweens -- those moments when you take pauses.

I search for him in the room and give him a smile. Or acknowledge his presence by encouraging or praising his accomplishments, however small they may be. We also tell him we'll cuddle after mommy/daddy is done.


I read to help me sleep at night. Non-fiction books are my sleeping pills. (lol) The amazing part is, they help me become a better person too.

You can start by reading for 10 minutes per day. Or find quick-reads like blogs or websites focused on personal development. Youtube, audible, and podcasts come in handy as well.

You could also schedule a time to learn or upgrade your skills for work. Say for 30 or even 15 minutes a day. I take classes from Udemy or Masterclass or read materials to help me improve my writing. I agree I need more improvement, I haven't arrived yet but I can at least try.

Soul Nourishment

First things first, attend to your spirit-man. Every day we are always giving and giving and giving. The world is making lots and lots of demands from us clamoring for speedy results: from our families, community, job.

It's of utmost importance to feed your soul to fill your tank. This also prevents resentment and other negative feelings for others who you think do not appreciate your effort. It's not their job to fill you. It's yours.

When you're filled, you never run out of things to give. And the best part? They'll come out from the overflow of your heart. ;)


Of course, some of these, if not all, may not work in your specific situation for various reasons. No wonder it's called personal development, it should be personal. You know what works for you and what doesn't. Improvise.

It's the small moves that make big changes.

And remember to not overwhelm yourself with too many changes in one go if you want to them last.

What if you missed a day or two? Start again! It's not like it's the end of the world. I've failed a crazy number of times too but I keep coming back like an inflatable punching clown you just can't knockdown. (lol)

Why It's Important to Take Inventory of Your Habits?


Your habits can be your greatest enemy in accomplishing your goals. On the other hand, it can also be your greatest weapon to pivot you onwards.

You choose!

Why It's Important to Take Inventory of Your Habits?

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