The Ferris Wheel Ride at Vieux (Old) Port Montreal

September 11, 2019

The Old Port of Montreal (French: Vieux-Port de Montréal) is the historic port of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Located in Old Montreal, it stretches for over 2 km (1.2 mi) along the Saint Lawrence River. It was used as early as 1611 when French fur traders used it as a trading post. [source]

There is so much to do here at the Old Port other than sightseeing: cruising, paddle boat ride, idling at the beach, shopping, food truck hopping, Ferris wheel ride among others.

Getting There

From downtown (Old Montreal), we crossed the Rue de la Commune street to get to the Old Port. These areas are next to each other. We plan to burn down the calories from our lunch taking the Ferris wheel ride. Haha.

The Ferris Wheel Ride Experience

My legs were shaking on the first round of the ride going up. The second was, "Bring it On!" The third, "I want out!" Haha.

There are three rounds of the Ferris Wheel Ride for $25 CAD per adult. Children under 3 are free of charge. Ticket information can be found here. Make sure to use the restroom before taking the ride.

Spectacular Views of Montreal

From the cabin, you can enjoy breathtaking views of Montreal. Habitat 67 can be observed from there as well as the Biodome and the La Ronde amusement park.

Ahh... we were thirsty after that long Ferris wheel ride. We had ice cream and drinks afterward to replenish ourselves for the 2-hour drive back to Ottawa.

It is a fun experience. Traveling in summer is the prime time to come to the Old Port. Fall is pretty too but the boutiques are closed. Their schedule can be found here.

Well, have an awesome week then! Talk to you soon. ;)

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