Walking Tour of Vieux (Old) Montreal

September 04, 2019

After doing a quick sightseeing tour inside the magnificent Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal, we headed off downtown to Old Montreal. It was a short walking distance from the Basilica.

We understand this place is a tourist spot. People flock here, largely on summers with that, we are leery with tourists traps. And rightly so because we have had an unhappy experience recently.

Where to Eat

Make sure to use all your resources in choosing a restaurant to dine in. Check yelp. Google the restaurant and read reviews. Just because groups of people are dining there doesn't mean taste is guaranteed. Remember this is a touristy area. Food will be overpriced. 

We did just that and laned on Brasserie 321 at Place Jacques-Cartier, Montreal. We're happy with what's being served on our plates. It's good.

Old Montreal is a historic neighborhood within the municipality of Montreal in the province of Quebec, Canada. Founded by French settlers in 1642 as Fort Ville-Marie, Old Montreal is home to many structures dating back to the era of New France. [source]

And so our self-guided tour begins... Actually, it's more like wandering around. Haha!

The Old Port is located across the street. See that Ferris wheel in the photo below? I took it from downtown (Old Montreal). It's that close.

Oh, and don't miss checking out the charming alleyways too.

To commemorate our travel memory, I got me a watercolor painting of the Notre-Dame Basilica Montreal. I can't wait to frame it out!

There are small art stalls in the area to choose from. You can even have your portrait sketched. 

Since we are the free and easy type we didn't avail of any tour group, you can do so if you want. In that case, Google is your friend.

We didn't stay long as we are planning to ride the Ferris wheel at the Old Port. I'll see you there in the next post. :)

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