Home Update January 2019: The Powder Room

Pssst! I have a predicament and I need your opinion. What do you think of the black vase against the pattern on the floor? Do they work together?

Don't worry, I'm open to ideas. I'm aware I'm no specialist when it comes to interior design. 

Ah, I wish I could afford to pay for an expert! Though putting together everything in one go takes away the fun hopping from one furniture store to another. Isn't window shopping fun? 

So which is which? Pay for someone to do it or DIY (do-it-yourself)? Which do you prefer?


Anyway, I did a fun project this month because I couldn't stop thinking of the vase I saw at Pier 1 Imports. It was on sale when I chanced upon it. (Okay, I confess, I didn't chance upon it. I was deliberately surfing the world wide web to find something eye-catching.) To save on shipping costs, I ask the husband to pick up my purchase in-store. 

The pottery is surprisingly huge and heavy. I love it! It's even more beautiful compared to the photos online. It was worth the amount paid. Unfortunately, it's no longer in stock. But I have other alternatives for you below. Check them out too. ;)

With the vase secured, I also envisioned the decorative arrangement that goes along the newly acquired item. Should I go for dried or faux? 

Obviously, I went with the former. Particularly this dried eucalyptus bundle. I'm easy to convince. When I read reviews online saying these preserved stems smell nice, it sealed the deal and ordered ours.

My goal is to make the powder room an interesting, calming and pleasant space. Will I achieve it? Keep on reading...

Storage Cabinet

The white cabinet was formerly used to carry our water filter system called Berkey. When we move to our second home, the house didn't come with a refrigerator. So we bought a new one with an h2O dispenser, rendering the furniture of no use.

I thought of listing the item for sale but since I got it for $50 USD at Home Goods, it doesn't seem like a good idea.

To give it a new function, I place the cabinet in the powder room to store rolls of tissue paper and other small items. Glad I got it in this shade. It fit like a glove in there.

Wall  Art

I also added artwork on our walls for added appeal. I got the gold ones from Home Goods while the framed pressed flowers (seen on the last photo below) are from Wimberly Market Days. It's vintage for $4 USD.

We have had the gold-framed wall designs from our first home. This is where they were before, see here and here.

Hmm... But I still have my reservations. Should these pieces be displayed in the powder room or somewhere else?

Powder Room Update

And this is how everything came to be. Scroll down to see how I did the interior of our powder room below.

Powder Room Interior Design
Powder Room Interior Design
Powder Room Interior Design
Powder Room Interior Design
Powder Room Interior Design

Wall art and Storage cabinet from Home Goods
Dried Eucalyptus Bundle [here]
Vase [here]

I agree I don't play by the book but I sure had fun! How will you design this powder room if it were you? Let me know what you think in the comment section below. I'd surely appreciate it!