White and Green Print Jumpsuit: A Fashion Mistake

I would say my style is geared towards the economical side. Fashion trends come and go after all. I'm sure not everyone will agree with me on this. Why not buy high-quality clothes that last for years right? 

date night outfit
date night outfit
date night outfit
date night outfit
Lilly Pulitzer by Target Green & While Print Jumpsuit  |  Gibi Shoes Sandals

I came from the Philippines were wearing branded items would immediately catapult you as the star of the barangay -- suburb/neighborhood to my international friends. It can be tempting to be the envy of the town, look, I'm just being real here. But not everyone could afford such a lifestyle. 

I don't have much growing up. Imagine one parent, my mom, raising two young kids with meager earnings. My father died early so we live according to our means. With that said, I have this mindset of,

"You don't have to buy expensive things to look beautiful, It's the confidence from within."

So even after earning my own income. I still bring with me that kind of mindset but It doesn't mean I'm impenetrable.


When Lilly Pulitzer collaborated with Target, I became a fan-girl even though I haven't heard of the brand at that time. I bought this white and green print jumpsuit to join to hype.

Guess what, this white and green print jumpsuit overwhelms my petite frame big time! It's no way flattering to my small frame. Gideon never understood why I bought it in the first place.

Why did I abandon my convictions? It was clearly a mistake on my part and I've learned my lesson. I hope I did. If you stood for something, you won't easily fall for everything, especially on short-lived fads. ;)

Who are you?

To me, it's not about brands, not even so much about expensive high-quality stuff -- of course, it should be of decent quality. But dressing up is about a reflection of who you are.

"The apparel oft proclaims a man.." - Shakespeare, Hamlet

Thanks for helping me out here Sir. I'm not saying I'm closing my doors to these brands either. No, not at all. But it's all about dressing up the right way for your body type, fashionable pieces that won't hurt the pocket and more importantly clothes that help magnify the confidence you already have from within.

Lilly Pulitzer by Target Green & While Print Jumpsuit 
Gibi Shoes Sandals