Can Petites Rock Culottes?

Culottes typically have wide leg, boxy silhouette that could easily overwhelm a small frame. I've tried to steer clear from wearing culottes for fear that it would make me look all the more, ahem, shorter. #TypicalPetiteGirlProblems

Can Petites Rock Culottes? Can Petites Rock Culottes? Can Petites Rock Culottes?Can Petites Rock Culottes?
Can Petites Rock Culottes? Can Petites Rock Culottes?
Cotton On Stripe Leather Sleeve Top  |  Mango Tie Front Culotte  |  Coach cross body bag  |  Maypol Sandals from TJ Maxx

But could a petite girl wear culottes? Of course, culottes are possible. They are so comfortable that I would choose them anytime over jeans. They are really great especially for long flights. ;)

  • Look for a hight-waisted pair. Make sure it fits great on your waist. Pair with it a crop top or simply tuck your top in. 
  • Try it on! Don't be afraid to play with proportions. Most of the time when I go shopping, I would take a photo of the item that I've picked up from the stroe and then ask for a second opinion before paying for it. Gideon usually gives that second opinion. He's the reason for all of this after all. :P
  • If you're petite, wear heels. Well, that's what everybody says. Don't be afraid to break 'fashion' rules. Try to mix and match. Be adventurous. Learn from your fashion mistakes and move on. It's not like paparazzi's tailgate us for 24/7. I've paired my culottes with this cute sandals from Maypol. I got it from TJ Maxx by the way. They are so lightweight & comfortable. I'm sure there are times when you'd prefer relaxed outfit : wearing sandals over shoes especially when running errands.