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August 29, 2016

Long Sleeve_Pointed Toe Loafers
Pointed Toe Loafers
Long Sleeve_Pointed Toe Loafers
Long Sleeve_Pointed Toe Loafers
Monochromatic Long Sleeve Top  |  Coach cross body bag  |  Blue jeans  | Pointed toe loafers 

Hi y'all! Hope all is well with you. Yesterday, I wore this monochromatic long sleeve top, laid back blue jeans paired with pointed toe loafers to church. I don't usually wear flats/low heeled shoes because I'm petite. Honestly, it can be hard to look for shoe styles that flatter this small frame. I love the added height of high heels, but it can get uncomfortable and painful especially when you go shopping. Because we'll be doing last minute shopping before flying to Cancun, Mexico, I've decided to wear this pair of loafers. Although wearing heels is the fastest way to grow taller, petite ladies can still enjoy the comfort of wearing flats; look for shoes with pointed toes or open toe/peep toe flats to help visually elongate the legs. I'm glad their's always a way to cheat the system. ;)

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