Cancun, Mexico Packing List

Cancun, Mexico Packing List Cancun, Mexico Packing List

Hi, y'all! Gideon and I are so excited to be heading to Cancun, Mexico tomorrow to celebrate our third wedding anniversary. Early this month, I've shared 3 Life Lessons I've Learned from 3 years of marriage from this link.

Honestly, I'm a bit nervous. I've read from this link and this link that tourist visas to Mexico are not required, regardless of nationality, if you hold a valid US/Canada/Schengen visa. We did not apply for tourist visas to Mexico because of this information and we'll be flying tomorrow. I hope my info is right.

This month, I've shared 4 Days in Cancun, Mexico: Travel Outfit Ideas to prepare for this upcoming trip. But for this post, I'll be sharing with you what's in our travel bag because I love lists! Everybody loves lists. ;) So what's in our travel bags?

Cancun, Mexico Packing List

Lace-up Toe Loop Sandals [ Guys, this sandal is on sale! Now at $5. ]  /   Striped Bow Headwrap  /  Gradient Square Sunglasses  /  Pink Polaroid Camera  /  Sunscreen Lotion  /  EOS Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm

The List:

  • Swimming Attire. I've packed two swimming attires for this trip: a laser-cut flounce monokini and a bikini set from Billabong. My husband is not into swimming trunks so we got him board shorts from Old Navy instead.
  • Toiletries & flip flops.
  • Sunscreen & sunnies are really important to protect yourself from the UV rays.
  • Camera (DSLR camera/lens & our pink polaroid), to capture the moment.
  • Makeup/makeup remover & beauty products.
  • First Aid Kit.
  • Media (iPhone & Macbook)
  • Clothes & footwear good for 4 days: travel day outfit, day 1 change of clothes, tour day to Chicken Itza outfit, Dinner Date outfit, sleeping attire, travel back home outfit. I'll be sharing a detailed post of my looks in the next succeeding posts.
  • Important documents i.e. passport.
  • Swimming googles & swimming cap.
  • Book. (Currently reading: The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst) & The Bible. My Bible is already worn out but I'm still not ready to let it go for a new one. ;)

I hope all will turn out well. I pray for His mercies and favor surrounding us as with a shield. :)

Do you also keep travel packing lists? What's the most important item in your travel bag? For me, it'll be debit cards & passport. How about you? Let me know yours in the comment section below.