Nevada-Arizona-Utah: A USA Road Trip Travel Itinerary

Hi y'all, how's life been? I hope its been good with you. Anyway, I'll be sharing our itinerary from our road trip we took to the southwestern part of America (Nevada - Arizona - Utah) which happened last week. Yep, it's still fresh. :D My hope is that this will give you some tips for your future travel plans to that part of America.

Nevada-Arizona-Utah: A USA Road Trip Travel Itinerary

The hubby and I took a 7-day road trip from Nevada - Arizona - Utah and then back again to Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a whirlwind trip yet very priceless! We were absolutely floored seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time.

The photos we took just couldn't give any justice to this beauty. I thought I'm just seeing a huge hologram but it was real. So real it's as if my eyes deceived me. You just have to be there to experience the Grand Canyon's grandeur yourself! Yes, do it especially if you can afford the trip.

Nevada-Arizona-Utah: A USA Road Trip Travel Itinerary

Some of my friends took the helicopter tour ride when they've visited the Grand Canyon to see the beauty from above. But because it was a bit pricey we've decided to rent a car instead and experience it on our own pace to which I'm glad we did because of the routes around this area boast of a handful of scenic views like deserts, canyons, and huge rock formations.

Nevada-Arizona-Utah: A USA Road Trip Travel Itinerary

And yes, I'm talking about extremely beautiful views your naked eyes have never seen before like the photo above. This canyon is located on U.S. Route 64. The husband and I are grateful to have passed by this area. We stopped by and took a handful of photos until satisfied.


And below is our itinerary.





  • Free and easy stay at the Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort and Spa (did activities like swimming and kayaking)
  • Took a 30 minutes drive to see the Las Vegas Strip at night


The first 5 days were packed! For our first night, we stayed at Hooters Casino Hotel, Las Vegas and then immediately drove off to the canyons. I did this to gave us a buffer just in case something happens along the way.

You have to come prepared. Thankfully, our trip went smoothly except on the last day when one tire went flat! But still, we thank God that it happened at our hotel in Las Vegas. :D

Below is the summary of the spots we've visited :

Not bad for a 7-day trip. Click on the spots listed above to find out more. Aaaahh!! The husband and I are so happy to have gone on this road trip.

Nevada-Arizona-Utah: A USA Road Trip Travel Itinerary

I hope you've caught some tips from our itinerary for your future travel plans. Don't forget to drop me a note in case there's something I can help with.