DIY : Loose Powder

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Scene : Early morning beauty ritual. "Oh no! My loose powder is already empty. How could I forget buying a new one the night before." Have you been in one of those days when you tend to forget replenishing your beauty essentials? I did and I understand that beauty rituals are not complete if even a step is missing. So what did I do? We'll, it's time to be bring out that resourceful jane in you and improvise.


Mornings are critical so you need to make quick beauty decisions especially on emergency days. ;)) The good thing is that I keep with me two varieties of facial powder: one is Johnson and Jonhson's Baby Powder (common use) and the other is Daily Spell Magic Powder from Bench. Mix the two powder together in an empty loose powder container and shake it well before applying on the face. Viola! A new product is born and you're the brains behind it. I'm proud to introduce to you gladys jane's loose powder. Ahahaha! #justkidding


Actually you can choose to have either one of them or whatever you have in your beauty box. But I personally decided to mix the two because I like Bench's Daily Spell Magic Powder. It's really good at keeping an oily face at bay. My friends swear by it and I saw the results on them myself that's why I decided to get one however the shade of the powder is bit dark for my face that's why I decided to mix it with Johnson and Jonhson's Baby Powder. And oh yeah, Bench's Daily Spell Magic Powder is super cheap. I only paid PHP 25 for a bottle on my vacation to the Philippines which is like USD 50 cents. Good deal right?

So yeah, that's how I solve my morning ritual dilemma. I can say that I've saved a lot compared to buying a new loose powder and ever since this is what I've been using for my loose powder. 

Have you been in a similar situation? Do share with me your experience, how you've manage to solve it and come up with a DIY (do it yourself) in place of the empty beauty product.

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