Happy New You!

"Happy New Year!" The hubby greeted the family. Already hype from our New Year's to-dos -- pack the tree and Christmas decors and home rearrangement -- our little boy's raucous jubilee from the living area echoed to the rooms downstairs.

"Happy New You! Happy New You!" Maybe, he meant Happy New Year. But we heard him holler the word 'You' instead of Year.

Isn't that what we want every time the calendars change? We want to do better for the coming year. We make goals. Resolutions. Plans.

A Glad Diary Lifestyle Blog Life Lessons: Happy New You!

During my teenage years, at this season, my mom would tell me to jump at the stroke of twelve. "Higher", she encouraged. "You'll grow tall like Miss Universe.

"Wear clothes with pockets. Fill it with coins. You're guaranteed prosperity in the coming year. " Is another superstition of hers.

Faithful to follow my mama's instructions, I did it year after year. And never once did I question why it didn't work on her. The me, who stands at 5'1", is even taller than her.

Plus, I don't remember us having enough money to afford McDonald's or any other fast-food restaurants during those years. Oh yes, we were that broke. And our neighbors are happy to keep it that way.

Fast forward to today and our situation has changed in a tremendous way. The growth I longed for may not be measured in the physical because they are inward, in the soul, in the spirit.

Also, we no longer have to worry if we could afford food or not. In fact, I'm more preoccupied with thinking about how to lose weight these days.

I'm writing this because I'm better than anybody else. But to point out that my today is far better compared to where it used to be. And with that, I'm super grateful.

So what changed?

The Bible says this in 3 John 1:2,

Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

In other words, our level of health and wealth is directly proportional to how much our soul prospers.

Change begins on the inside. Not on what happens on the outside. The dates may change. The address changes. The jobs. But if the person within remains the same, no amount of outside transitions could set about the life-altering transformation one longs to see.


What better time to reflect on what has been, what could be better, or what to accomplish next than the New Year's?

We all want change. We want to see lasting results. And more often than not, we focus on the tangible. Sadly, our efforts don't last and progress doesn't stick as much.

Why not begin on the inside then? On something that couldn't be taken away from us no matter the outside circumstances?

Progress may take a while but it will come. Persistently build upon it till it's evident for all to see. Perhaps 
one day just like how my son hollered at our living area, we could also celebrate the unbelievable developments and say, Happy New You!