Ways to Ease the Winter Blues

Winter can be a particularly harsh time for those who don’t enjoy cold weather and winter sports, among other things. Some might even get the winter blues or depression. No matter what one may believe, it is possible to have a positive mindset during this season.

Ways to Ease the Winter Blues
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Continue to Socialize

Isolation, especially during winter, can take its toll on anyone. It can also worsen the symptoms of depression, suicidal thoughts or other issues. Staying in touch with loved ones makes it easier to keep from spiraling out of control. Spend time with them by continuing to socialize, even if it’s less often. Face to face interaction is usually best since it’s more genuine. 

Talkspace is a therapy app that helps people get past their issues, even if they have no friends or family to talk to. Anyone can speak to a licensed therapist online if going to a traditional office is uncomfortable. Many Talkspace reviews come from Glamour, WSJ, Today and Yahoo!.

Stay Active

The less active a person is, the lazier they tend to become. Giving up on life should never be an option under any circumstances. It may be too cold to go out for a run. Instead, for better overall health, one option is to exercise indoors. Yoga is a great way to do some light exercise in the home while cultivating spirituality. Meditation can be utilized to have a calmer mindset and for inner peace. Or join an indoor group class such as pilates, karate, kickboxing or indoor cycling. Do some stretches or lift light dumbbells to stay moving.

Stay Positive

A negative mindset can only become worse if not kept under control. Remain positive by writing or doing art in a daily journal. Always have something scheduled to look forward to, even if it’s a short activity. 

Maybe a favorite television show or lunch with a good friend. Eat a healthy snack to keep an alert mind, maintain stamina and stay focused. Hopelessness can be especially prevalent in winter. Brainstorm ideas to stay positive.

Take a Vacation

If tolerating the winter is just not an option, try to spend time away from it by taking a vacation to a warmer climate. Use this as an excuse to experience something new and create awesome memories. Let this be a time to catch up on reading, writing or getting some much-needed sunshine. Get vitamin D naturally by soaking up the sun. There are low price ways to go on vacation for those on a budget.

Since there’s less sunshine in winter to provide vitamin D, try getting it from supplements or fresh foods like mushrooms. According to researchers, a lack of sunlight can cause SAD. Special lamps can give off artificial sunlight which may help with this. 

If depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety or other issues become difficult to handle, therapy may be best.

About Talkspace

Going to a traditional therapist’s office is no longer necessary because of the online app. Visiting a therapist only takes time and effort which can enhance a person’s mental health issues by stressing them out. 

Talk to a licensed therapist online from a smartphone, laptop or tablet quickly and with ease. Talkspace reviews rave from Mashable, The Huffington Post and Wall Street Journal. Business Insider says, “There will be no couches, no tissues, no awkward first-date-esque meetings.” 

Other Talkspace Reviews include one from CNN which states,” Roughly 46 million Americans had a mental illness in 2011 but only 39% sought treatment. Barriers to seeking treatment include the cost, stigma, and time commitment. Talkspace aims to erase those barriers.”