Our Home#2 for Christmas

I'm sure by this time everyone is busy wrapping gifts or finalizing plans for the festivities. I love the Christmas season! We're thrilled to celebrate our first ever Christmas in our second home with our now one year old tot.

This is how we've decorated our home for Christmas. Actually, these are the same decors we've have had for years. I'm referring to how our first home, for the past Christmases looks like.

I hope you had an awesome Christmas! ;D

Sofa [here]
Loveseat [here]
Coffee table [here]
Keyboard [here]
Carpet [here]
Dining Set (no longer available) [from Furniture Row]
Dining room curtains [here]
Dining room curtain rod [finial, set]
Family room curtains (no longer available) [from Z Gallerie]
Family room curtain rod [here]