How to Clean Oxidized Jewelry at Home

How did you allow your jewelry to go that dirty?! I know, I'm guilty. You're better than me. :D

Moving on... If you find out your jewelry have oxidized, just like the photo below, here's an easy do it yourself tip to polished them clean at home.

DIY jewelry cleaner

What you need:

- Bowl
- Aluminum foil
- Baking soda
- Dishwashing soap
- Hot water
- And a spoon for stirring
- Paper towel or clean cloth.

DIY jewelry cleaner


1. Cut the aluminum foil to cover the bottom of the bowl. 
2. Mix in the baking soda and the dishwashing soap.
3. Place the oxidized jewelry on the bowl.
4. Pour hot water and stir the solution with a spoon or whatever you're comfortable with. (Nope, not your fingers. You'll burn yourself.)
5. Soak for 10 - 15 minutes.
6. Remove the jewelry from the solution and wipe the excess dirt with the paper towel or a clean cloth.

And voila... it's like magic! They now look brand new.

DIY jewelry cleaner

Together with my Tiffany and Co. bracelet, I also soaked my sterling silver ring and gold plated necklace in the solution. Glad I don't have to spend on jewelry cleaners. :)